Watching Her At Her Hottest.....

Yes, this is my account, but I am posting this as my wife wrtoe it and in her words....Any how as for my attitude toward sex and how this all started, well my husband and I have been 'in the life' for 6 years. Thats how long we have been married. We 'played' around some prior to marrige, It all started innocently enough with him dropping me off at the door to Chilcoot Charlie's here in Anchorage, while he would park the truck. He did this so I wouldn't have to walk as far from the parking lot when it was cold.

One time he came in and didn't sit with me,not sure what he was thinking, wanting to be cute? He was waiting for just a few minutes before he came over and he started goofing and acted like he was a stranger, picking me up. We both got a charge from that. 

From there it seemed like it would take him longer and longer to 'park' the truck. And of course one of those times, a cute rather 'buff' guy asked if he could buy me a drink. Well, my husband always keeping the money (me not wanting to carry a purse) I accepted.

Then, we/he started fantasizing about another man hitting on me. And that seemed to super charge our sex. At home he would sometimes tell how it looked, another man making advances on me. I think the first time few times I felt guilty that I was getting aroused by his storys, but once I saw he got just as hot as I did from his word... like I said...I just went with it.

Well, that lead to him watching, from across the bar, as guys would ask me to dance. Which as you could imagine, knowing he was watching me I was very uncomfortabal the first few times. But after encouragement from him, him assuring me he wouldn't be jelouse... and of course after several drinks one night I decided I would just have to 'put on a show'. Some dances were slow and I would put my arms around the guys neck, of course they would put their arms around my waist and some times their hands would drift down to rest on my ***. After a period of time, about three more trips to this bar, this led to them getting a little 'handsy' with me. It would really get hot when I would turn away from my dance partner and he would put his hands on my hips and pull me into him like he was taking me from behind. I could feel their hard ***** most of the time, as I would grind my *** into thier bodies. And with my husband watching...All the while our fantasys grew and our sex was always so............ intense!!! 

I even initiated the first contacts, with guys, a few times, of course my husband would encourage me to do so.  We took it as far as me going out to the parking lot with different guys a few times, if they would ask me to.  I would get in there car and my husband would follow. It progressed to a point where I would be ready to 'make-out' with the guy, then my husband would come up to the window and knock, act mad, and I would leave with him........... both of us just thrilled and tearing at each others clothes once we would get back to our vehicle. 

As evolution would have it, I eventually did make-out with two different guys. Please don't think less of my husband, we Both enjoyed what was taking place. It seemed we just had to take things a little farther each time. My husband taking longer and longer to knock on the window each time. I must admit... I was liking this 'game'.

This went on for about 4 months or so, untill I shocked even myself with my husband watching, in a parking lot one night, I rubbed this guys **** right through his jean, until he was rock hard, I thought about pulling the guys shaft from his paints. The second time I did this I gave a guy a hand job to completion, as my husband watched. I was suprised my husband let me go that far but my husband seemed thrilled and I must admit I liked the power of pleasing this guy with my hands as I kissed him with an open mouth. 

This was a letter my wife sent me while I was at a remote work location.  

Hey, please take the time to leave a comment. Let me know if this story interest you and if I should post more of her letters.............



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Love reading her letters

Yes its a very good story,would love to hear more about it

Yes its a very good story,would love to hear more about it

Love the story, my wife is still reluctant, but once she meets a guy she gets into it. I hope it goes further

Love the story, my wife is still reluctant, but once she meets a guy she gets into it. I hope it goes further

Yes we love the fun!

Keep te stories coming. My wife flirts and I am trying to encourage to go further, likeyour wife. You are truly very lucky

It is a hot scenario - one time, a few months after my wife became comfortable with me arranging to have other men come over to enjoy her in our bed, I took her to a local hotel and had her enter the lounge alone while I went into the restaurant and read the paper for half an hour.<br />
<br />
By the time I went into the lounge she had a group of four men chatting her up. Unfortunately they had somewhere they had to be or she would have had her first group session that night. <br />
<br />
Since then I have arranged two sessions - one in Edmonton and one in Seattle - where fellows joined her at her table one at a time until first four and then five fellows joined us in our room. She is a natural and makes sure everyone enjoys themselves and leaves satisfied.<br />
<br />
She likes being taken out to meet a horny stranger in a neighborhood lounge and it is hot to watch as this woman who is so devoted to me can't resist giving in to her natural promiscuity. The hunger creeps over her face once she is certain this new man will soon be hunched over her naked body. One of the hottest sights for me is her reaching down to guide him home as her knees reach upward and outward to accomodate his entry.<br />
<br />
I have delivered each of my three wives into the hands of other men - opening up each one of them to their natural sexual hunger was a delicious pleasure. Once a normally hot woman has been convinced her man actually wants her to be promiscuous it is just a matter of time until another man has her. Once she has opened up to him, as long as her husband is supportive, she will appreciate and grow to be more receptive to others.

I love it. My wife flirts and dances, but hasn't gone further. we talk about and I think one day she will. I hope I am as lucky as you are.

So very hot. love it