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Walked In On Wife Having Sex With Her Dad

My wife, Norma, and I had been married a short time about six months when we decided to try swinging. It took a while for my wife to consider it but she did finally decide to meet some of the swinging couples that I had an opportunity to contact. She did say she could guarantee nothing until after we met them. Upon meeting she would decide if she wanted the husband to **** her. She could also not guarantee that if she did, she might want to try him bareback. The pills were not yet out and I sort of assumed she was referring to condoms.
It took awhile, a number of meetings with different couples, before she decided to swing. I remember it well, his name was Al and his wife's name was Jean. I did not get to see them in action that first time but did hear some about it. It had been a bareback ****, no condom, she had not thought to ask, Norma did not care for the way he had ****** her, more like a pile driver rather than slow and easy.
After that we began to hit it off with couples and was swinging on a regular basis. I was happy that my wife had began swinging but was also careful not to upset the cart. If my wife changed her mind, not only would I not get to have sex with other men's wives but would also not get to see them ******* my wife.
It was eight or nine months into our marriage, about 3 months after my wife began swinging. I had came home early to surprise my wife. Brought her Roses and planned on taking her out to dinner. Just the two of us to show my appreciation for her being my wife. I was in for a somewhat rude shock.
Wanting it to be a surprise, I was very quiet as I looked for her. Finally when I was heading for the bedroom, I began to hear some noises. When I got to the bedroom door, which was ajar, I peeked in and what to mine eyes did appear. My wife was on her back on the bed, naked and her legs spread with a man between them driving his **** into her. There was some moaning and groaning during the thrusting and I did not know what was coming from whom.
I am not sure how it came to pass since if I had wanted it to happen, it would not. But I had a butts eye view from the bottom, legs spread, balls swinging as he drove his **** into my wife. That wet **** going into a wet ***** noise. I don't know if I actually saw it or it was my imagination, but it seemed as though my wife's neatly trimmed ***** was opening and closing around his ****.
I was getting ready to burst into the room, you know the distraught husband catching his wife being ****** by another, since his **** was not really large, more like mine! I noticed mine was getting hard rather fast. W4ell maybe wait a few minutes, my **** was getting harder, after all you would not want interrupt him before he came in my wife.  Of course, my wife would never forgive me if she did not have her ******, or three. It was not unusual for my wife to have multiple *******.
What to do? My **** was swollen, stiff as a board and I wanted to ****. I thought about going in and asking to join them but instead, I pulled out my **** and began to play with it. It was only a few minutes and I had to pull my handkerchief from my pocket to cover my **** as my *** shot out, all in the handkerchief and not on the carpet.  Trying to clean up the excess *** and decide what to do.
It would not be a good thing to interrupt them before my wife got his ***. I did have a pretty good view of his **** and it was thrusting into Norma but I did not see evidence of a condom on it. From their actions, I guessed they were close to *******. As I was walking away from the bedroom door, I heard the grunting and squealing as with pigs reaching ****** and Climax.  What can I say, I was pissed because my wife was being/had been ****** in our bed by another man.
I put my **** in my pants and zipped my fly. My **** was still excited but going down. What to do? I sat in an armchair where I could keep an eye on the bedroom door. Surprise, Surprise, what you two been doing in my bed?  Actually our bed but who is counting! I would be the one in for the surprise.
With I was sitting there seething with rage, I was thinking about the couples with whom we had swung. So my wife was getting some on the side, what the hell I did owe her something for agreeing to swing in the first place. The frustration felt as it was slowly leaving.
I think it may have been coincidental that the angry was about gone when they walked out of the bedroom door. My wife first, a smile on her face, then him, his hands on my wife's ***. I got the shock of my life when I looked to see who she had been *******. I knew him, not as well as my wife did but I knew him. It was my Father-In-Law, Norma's Dad, who had been ******* my wife, his daughter, in our bed.
I felt like everything had just dropped out from under me. I could not speak, just revisited the scene I had observed through the bedroom door. The strange thing was my Limp **** was trying to twitch back to usable condition.  I was not the only one stunned, My wife stopped and stared at me, George, my Father-in-law looked as though he hand been caught with his hand in the Cookie jar, or maybe his **** in my wife. I could not hear what my wife told him, something about her taking care of it, as she ushered her dad out the door.
I was in a state of shock as she sat down to talk to me. All I could think of was she was sitting there, probably still had some of her Dads seed in her, and my **** was twitching. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. George was not the first man that had left his *** in my wife but I had been screwing the mans wife. I liked my Mother-in-law but not in a sexual way. She was overweight, not that bad looking, but from what I understood rather prudish when it came to sex.
The parts of the conversation with my wife began to get through to me. She was sorry about not telling me but her two older brothers and her Dad had been screwing her since she was 15. Mostly just Anal but recently it was vaginal sex.  It seems her ad had been screwing her older Sister, Marge,  also. My wife wanted to keep having sex with her Dad and one brother.  My wife suggested swapping with her Mother and Dad but that I would not agree to since I could get no sexual interest in her mother. Alternative was Dad would bring over Marge to swap with us. Marge was a bit thin but otherwise did have a certain sexual attraction.  Her brother would bring his wife for swapping. His wife had big boobs but slim in the lower quarters and I did like her.
This went on for some time and once I had agreed, she made a call. Back to where we was. While I was not overjoyed I still asked my wife to go out for the evening. We went to a reasonably nice restaurant, the men, not all but a lot, stared at my wife and I began to wonder if they knew she had been ******* her Dad a few hours earlier.
The meal went well but I kept thinking about my wife sitting across from me with another mans seed in her. I was getting horny, could not help it. We were both waiting to see if the Family would accept the deal my wife had brokered with me.  As it had been after swinging, my wife and I would return home, and get it on.
After dinner we returned home, I was real hard in no time thinking about my father-in-laws *** inside my wife.  She spread her legs and I entered her, my **** wanted to stay hard, she had multiple ******* but I only had one climax. With the *** cocktail still inside her, we went to sleep. Woke up to a whole new day.
Saturday and had some things to do, while I was gone apparently my Father-in-law had talked to his son and Daughter and they had agreed to the deal for ******* my wife.
Later my Wife asked me about sex with her Dad, no wanted to know If I would suck her dads ****? Apparently something he had picked up in Normandy. I agreed, rather reluctantly, and we have many ********** together. I got pretty good at sucking his **** but that was 50 plus years ago. We did do 69 several times but he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and they operated but it was too late.  In his mid 50's he died of Cancer.
I had screwed Marge several times and we had swapped with my wife's brother and his wife several time. But things with her brother fell apart when his wife got pregnant and he thought I was the Father.  I was not the Father but by the time it was determined, things had gone too far.
Somewhere this may be continued. Not sure at the present time.
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Some 35 year ago I lived and worked in Peru for 5 years. Durung that time I got to know my wife. We knew almost immediately that we were meant for each other and we announced that we were going to be married before my placement in Peru came to an end.

We always had talked openly about everything and we found that we enjoyed being "creative" and "kinky" about sex. I confessed to her that I would not want to be with any other woman than her but it would give me the greatest pleasure if my future wife would be willing to enjoy other male company than just myself and by that I meant very specific persons, such as my best friend since my childhood days. Over the years we had become soul mates and sexual confidantes and we had always if one of us got married than the other one would be very, very closely and sensually involved with this relationship. The other two were my two brothers,, who were a lot older than me (16 and 20 years) and to whom I looked up almost as father figures and finally my own father and my mother. I knew that due to my difficult birth my mother could not sustain any relation with my father any more but I also knew that they would just adore my wife and take her into the family like a newly found daughter that they never had. And it was exactly like that when we returned to Germany. Much to my surprise my wife looked at me briefly and you could see that she immediately understood what all of that meant and she said, "If that is what you really want, this would definitely be fine by me and even more so I am all for it, completely up to it and you tell me what to do and I know that I will make all happy.

At that time I had briefly met my wife's father but only once so my wife said, that she needed to go and see her father anyway over the weekend and would I come with her. He worked at this company which was in the North of Peru some 800 km from Lima. We took the night bus and the journey took some 12 hours. Overland in the night Peru is pitch black dark. In those days there was hardly any lights on the road and within the bus there was just a shimmer form up front from the dashboard and with the light turned off it was totally dark in the rear of the bus where we had our seats. We always travelled with our "uniform": trainers, track suit trousers, T-shirt and a track-suit jacket or top. Nothing underneath as this we always had easy access to each other genitals and we just couldn't keep our hands of each other and were constantly fondling each other and bringing each other to ******* and dressed like that nobody would notice. At least that's what we thought. In truth we didn't care even if somebody noticed.
So on the bus while she was ******* off slowly my tremendous hard-on and I had my hand in her fold, flicking and massaging her **** my wife said that I needed to pay attention to what she was going to say as it was very important. She kissed and licked my face and came very close to my ears and said, " You know that I am Daddy's girl?" I said, "What do you mean. That you love your Dad?" - "No, every since my mother could not have sex any more for medical reasons and when one of us girls reached 16 we willingly gave ourselves to my father. All the things I know and do that you enjoy so much I learn from him!" - "So when did it stop?", I asked. - IT DIDN'T. That's why I am travelling to the North now to be with him for the weekend. And not only that because of some very complicated business arrangements that my father went into we have also accepted to make ourselves available to his main shareholder and partner who we call Uncle Hugo. And can I also be frank that you are the love of my life but I also love and very much respect my father and Uncle Hugo has always extremely nice and pleasant to us and far from being forced to do this I really love to do it and have always enjoyed being ****** by these two men who are amazing lovers and very sensual and horny men. And I whenever I come back to Peru or they come to visit us then I would make myself available to them should they want me! Is that OK. Do you agree and can you live with this!" At that point I had the most huge ****** of my life, I flooded the inside of my tracksuit bottom, my penis and scrotum were completely soiled with my ***** and when my wife took her hand out of my trousers it took her ages to lick all of the *** of her hand. She said, "If I interpret this correctly. This is a YES? You agree? .... and I kissed her and said, "Yes, I do agree and now I know that you will be perfect for what is waiting for you in Germany and for my brothers and my parents. No German girl I ever knew would have agreed to this like that and just taking it in her stride like my future Peruvian wife did.

Some hours later I watched my wife for the first time as she turned into that skilful vixen pleasuring her father, her Uncle Hugo and two Colombian business men who were awarded this entertainment in exchange for a very lucrative export contract. I really didn't know what to think of my father in law but I knew that I loved my future wife and that she was just the right life long companion for me.

She brought a lot of joy to my family, she rescued the marriages of both of my brothers, my father adored her and you could visible see how much more enjoyable life had become for him and to my mother my wife became the intimate lady friend who she was looking for all her life. With us men out of the house most of the time, with me travelling the world and for the next 5 years basically maintaining a weekend relationship with my wife, my mother took her under her wing, made sure that my wife was well look after and had everything she needed to feel safe, and happy in her new environment. It wasn't long that my wife spent the nights in my parents room during the week and moved back into our bed on weekends. My wife has "magic hands" when it comes to massages and from the comments my wife and my mother made I took it that my wife brought sensual experiences to my parents that they never knew existed. For me all of this highly unusual sensual and complex sexual scenarios was exactly what I always had imagined and been looking for. Both my brothers and my parents would have never admitted that you can always put it down to sex if there are problems or if something works out within a family but you need a woman at the centre of it all that intuitively understands all that and automatically knows what's needed to keep it all in a happy balance. Years later I learned that my wife slowly also worked her way into the hearts of both my sisters in law, who had very complex personalities and most people just dreaded even having to deal with them. Years later, when they completely trusted my wife, she took them to a 4 weeks all girl vacation touring the interesting site of Peru, like Cusco and Chan Chan, followed by a week of relaxation on the vast beaches of Mancora near Piura in the North and then she took the whol group of 7 prim and proper housewives including my sister in law to a Peruvian Shaman, as they all were into the "spiritual lifestyle then and thought it was cool. My wife phoned me from there and said, "Basically what's going to happen is that the Shaman is going to drug them all which knocks them out for 48 hours, by knocking out I mean that they cannot move and it will all seem totally unreal but the will feel, hear and see everything and after 48 hours they will go to sleep almost faint and then wake up about 8 hours after that. Once they are drugged there are 40 farmers and local youth waiting for them to shag them all senseless and inseminate them into every hole that hey have.
I said, "Istn't that risky!" and my wife said.
No I have done this before and with the photographic and video evidence that I have they will never ever even dare to disagree with me and I know that one of the long-term effect of this drug is that it break the person's sense of "automatic entitlement" that all of you Europeans seem to have. When they wake up with their vastly dilated and heavily lubed orifices that stink of *** and their entire body and all clothes will be completely soiled as these farmers at the end of it all spit, pee and **** on them and if they are lucky that also let the dogs or the donkey have a go then the will know and understand that this world does not owe them a living!

I just loved and tried to imagine my sister-in-laws being assholed by those big dicked latinos and God knows who or what else for 48 hours. Feeling everything, having innumerable forced *******, feeling how every orifice is being stretched, used and abused over and over again and you can't move, can't do anything but you senses are heightened and much more acute and therefore you will reach a climax much more easily and you feel being brutally ****** like you have never felt and experienced this before.

I just chuckled, told my wife that I loved her and was looking forward to have her back in a few days time.

And it was just like my wife said. They all came back and told everyone what a great time they had, how wonderful it all was, especially the "spiritual" Shaman experience and they just didn't know how to thank my wife for setting it up all so perfectly. As a token of appreciation they bought my wife a brand new 4x4 and sang her praised from then on. They also said that they definitely wanted to do this again but somehow that even though it was mentioned for years but it never happened. Two of the ladies gave birth to boys about 9 months after coming back from Peru. It was commented that the boys didn't bear much resemblance to their fathers but who would listen to such "vile gossip"?

My wife showed me the photos and the videos once before she shipped the whole package out to Peru to be stored in the vaults of a private bank owned by her Uncle Hugo.

I have never given a description of Uncle Hugo, about 6 foot, very fit , attractive, fine facial features, wonderful body, extremely ric, and I mean extremely rich, vey creative man and highly intelligent, a real joy to talk to and always excellent company and a really big ****. That normally is enough to get by in life. He is also the father of "my" first born daughter. The father of my second born daughter is my own father and the father of my son .... surprise, surprise is me.

I am a lucky man. I truly am!

Hot story.

hmmmm; you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen