My Wife ****** My Friend And I ****** His Wife

At last.  My fantasy of my wife ******* a friend of mine has finally been lived.


We invite our friends over for a game of poker, Our 2 sons and there daughter get on really well (aged  6,4 and 2). The night started off having some food, had a pizza delivered, had a few drinks, but not loads and the kids were playing Wii. 9PM comes and we put the 2 older kids to bed and me and my mate stay down stairs playing poker, had it all set up and away we went. half hour later the girls come back down and they both look tired, having read stories in a  dark room. During that time my mate and I didn't mention anything about swapping partners and never even talked about it.

The girls sat down, were complaining about poker being boring and we just kind of ignored them and carried on playing. Anyway, im playing away and all of a sudden I feel a foot rubbing my foot, look at my wife and shes not looking at me, shes looking away, so I check out emma (mates wife) and shes looking at me with proper dirty look in her eyes. At this point I freaked and didnt quite know what to do. I go to get up and my wife says to me "Where you going". I was worried my  mate would give me a slap. Then I look at Emma again and she is now rubbing my thigh and im feeling very uneasy at this point. I turn to my mate and my wife, who loves short stubbly hair, was rubbing my mates bald spot and really enjoying herself.

Me and my mate looked at eachother and just asked the girls whats happening to which they gave us an obvious response. So without hesitation I jumped on Emma and my mate jumped on  my wife. I have by this time got a raging hardon (and have whilst writing this) and ******** emma of her blouse and bra and sucking on her nice big ****, while shes reaching down and grabbing my ****, she couldnt believe the girth of my ****.. I turn to My wife and she is sucking my mates ****, which is smaller than mine, but my wife didnt care. within a few mins we were all naked and enjoying eachothers new bodies.

We make our way to the room, Emma and my wife are lying on he bed kissing, My mate then climbs on the bed and eats my wifes ***** before slidin his **** inside her. At this point I am mega mega excited and had to hold back from *******. Emma grabbed my arm, pulled me on the bed and guided my **** into her tight wet *****.

It finished with my mate ******* first and me shortly after. I have had the snip so didn't need a condom, whereas my mate did wear one. I pulle d out of Emma ***** and shot my *** all over her, and I laughed out loud because a bit of it hit my mate on the hand.


It was only a one off sex thing...apparently...My wife still talks about it now and often bought up at bed time!!!!!


I'd advise anyone to have a go...its great

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3 Responses Feb 5, 2010

well it certainly seems you have past the first post and your mrs is up for it . bet she wants to do it again some time keep us informed

We've never done it, and wife is not interested in screwing around...but it is fun reading about it. Glad it worked out for you and thanks for tharing.

sometimes once turns into many, sometimes once is just once. just like this story wait til the women make the call