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Lapdance In Las Vegas

I took my wife to a ***** club in Las Vegas once and one of the dancers came over and sat on her lap. I was surprised that she went a long with it because she's not very bi, but there was plenty of contact. The ******** noticed took a quick peek under my wife's skirt and remarked at what a 'bad girl' she was for not wearing panties. The flirting was fun to watch.
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lucky guy

Had a very similiar experience with my wife. Good times!

Took my ex to ***** clubs on a couple of occasions. She never got a lap dance (should have paid for one for her, in hindsight), but she was always very aroused afterward, especially when I told her how I wish it was HER naked and dancing in front of all those strange men.

My wife loves attention from strippers and the reactions of all the men and women watching

my wife went to her first ***** club in Vegas also and now whemever we are out of town see want to go for a dance

Nice story!