Wifes First Time At A ***** Club

The wife and I were on vacation and I decided to take her to a ***** club. It took a little convincing but she said alright since we were not in our home town. There was place that had male strippers upstairs and female downstairs so I figured that there would be something for both of us and she might like the women as well. She had told me before on only a couple of occasions that she did have some naughty thoughts about women.

We went the club and sat downstairs in the female area for a little bit to get comfortable. We got a drink and she said that it was not what she expected, it was nicer than she thought and she liked the outfits that the women wore and they were friendly. I figured we would get her up to the male ******** area upstairns as I figured that was what she would like the best and I didn't want her to want to leave right away. She had always wanted to go to Chippendales with her friends but it never worked out. We went upstairs and there were only about 4 dancers and an equal number of customers. We sat and they would come over, introduce themselves to me and ask if they could talk to her. She was very nervous, the first one asked her if she wanted a dance and she said no. After he left I told her that we did not come here and she was not getting a dance. When the next one came over, I said that yes, does want a dance. He took her over to a booth against the wall for her dance. As he danced, she held her beer in her lap while he danced, as a result he could not get very close to her. When she came back, I told her you have to put your stuff out of the way so they can get close to you. The third one came over and I told him she has never been to a club before tonight and that she was a little nervous also so to make sure she got a good dance. This time she was more relaxed and was laughing and grabbing his ***. He kept rubbing against her and she was intrigued by his abs. After the dance she came over and said she liked but wanted to go downstairs now where there was more going on. Who was I to argue?

Since it was a week night, it wasn't terribly busy and pretty soon we had a couple of girls over talking to us trying to get us to do dances. My wife told me to go ahead and get one and the dancer was pretty good. It was topless and she knew her stuff. After the dancer was done, she said she wanted to give my wife a dance. The dancer said she was into women and liked to lapdance with them. My wife said sure a lot faster than she did upstairs. The dancer got on my wife and was all over her. She took my wifes hands and put them on her **** and my wife totally fondled her boobs. The dancer reached down and felt my wifes *** over her shirt and asked if they were real. My wife has very nice large breasts and when my wife said yes, the dancer reached in her shirt and gave her a quick squeeze. She called over another dancer who was her friend and told her to feel my wifes **** because she thought they were spectacular. The dancer kept dancing and rubbed my wifes jeans right over her *****. My wife had her legs spread and seemed to be enjoying it. We got a couple more dances and then my wife said it was time to leave.

We got a taxi back to our hotel and I could tell my wife was all wound up. She took my hand, unzipped her pants and put it inside her jeans. She was very wet and wanted to be rubbed. She reached over and began stroking me outside of my pants. I kept checking to see what the driver could see but guessed he did not have the right angle with his mirror. Needless to say, when we got back to the hotel she was ******** and ready for sex in not time. Since then, she has always been open to going to ***** clubs. She prefers the women to men as she thinks the women are softer and more sensual and it also has let out some of her bi-sexual side as well.
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my wife was a ******** before we were married..she loved to dance for girls....