Tame...but True

Bizzarely, and very pleasingly, this happened on our honeymoon in Indonesia!

We were staying at a hotel on Bali that overlooked a small beach, well away from the touristy bits. We rather assumed that the beach was private because to get to it you had to walk through the hotel gardens and because hotel staff would serve you drinks there and you could even eat at tables they set up just above the tide line. My wife had enjoyed a couple of massages from the hotel masseuse during our stay including one lying on the beach and this lead to a naughty but memorable mistake.

Late one afternoon C said she fancied a massage and I walked towards the steps leading to the hotel when a young Indonesian guy asked me very politely if he could help. He was basically dressed indentically to the way the spa people dressed and had a spa bag over his shoulder. I said I was looking for someone to get a massage for my wife. Brilliantly I remember avoiding the word "masseuse" because I thought it sounded ridiculous!

He said he was a masseur and was free and asked where we were on the beach. I was a little nonplussed but also slightly aroused at the idea of a man giving C a massage. I also wondered what C would make of it!

We walked back to C and I introduced her masseur! She looked a little startled and gave me a look to see if I thought this was OK. I gave her a cheeky smile and so she said great and the guy unrolled a mat and towel and asked C to lie down on her front. She did and he knelt beside her and began by discussing oils and things and I zoned out a little.

Once the choices had been made and the massage discussed he immediately undid her bikini, slid the straps off her shoulders and started to apply the oil. I immediately got a huge erection which I struggled a bit to conceal in my boardshorts! Just the sight of a man undoing what was basically my wife's bra straps and running his hands over her naked back was fantastic.

The massage was slow and I couldn't help noticing that his hands rolled round her sides with every third stroke and his oiled fingers slowly pressed along the sides of her breasts. He also pulled the tops of her bottoms down and let the massage run right down her spine to her cocyx and then out and round and back up her body.

This tactic basically allowed him to fondle my wife's arse. But he wasn't done yet!

He then moved on to her legs and masaged them with powerful swirling squeezes from her feet right up to the very tops of her thighs...riiiiiiiiiiiight up so that his fingers seemed millimeters...and I mean millimeters from her *****. The area he was rubbing had pubic hair on it and C had had a bikini wax before we came a way just to give you an idea of the fun everyone was having! He even kind of crooked one of her legs at an angle to the one he was massaging to allow maximum access.

Whilst this was going on C was getting increasingly flushed and was far more wriggly than normal for a massage-ee. What broke the spell was the appearance of a hotel waiter who walked past twice and gave us all a good stare. Not long after he had passed our masseur suddenly announced that everything was over. We paid him and he packed up sharpish and scampered off across the sands. Leaving me rooted to the sun lounger with erections and C drenched in oil and other things and with her bikini almost totally removed.

We went straight back to our room and had violent sex that lasted about 20 seconds. C orgasmed with the merest touch and her ***** was actually oily from the massage. It turned out that towards the end he was managing to let his fingers slide right under her bikini and was parting her ***** lips and brushing her **** with every stroke! C said she was absolutely soaking and literally on the verge of an ****** when he had legged it.

That evening we were approached by someone form the hotel who warned us about getting massages from "beach guys" as he put it. He said that they just wanted to touch tourist women. Even if we were slow to catch on I'm sure you've realised that this guy was not from the hotel but was basically an amateur massager-come-pervert who I had paid to feel up my wife!

We were a little gutted because the whole thing had been such a massive turn on for both of us that I'm sure C would have had mamny, many more massages from him if he'd only been legit!
Wazdox Wazdox
41-45, M
Sep 6, 2012