The First Time . . .

was before she was my wife. In fact, it was before I had even met her. I was in the Army in Savannah, Georgia, and came in about 1 a.m. from a field exercise. I was being very quiet so that I wouldn't wake up my roommate, another lieutenant. As I went up the stairs to my bedroom, I heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex . . . and as I reached the top of the stairs, I could see that my roommate had gotten l lucky at the O Club, In the light from his lamp, I could see that he was pounding away at a girl that had an extremely hairy ***** . . . all I could see was his big long **** disappearing into a mass of black **** hair and then reappearing. The girl was obviously enjoying it, and really working her ***, taking every inch and trying for more. Having been in the field for two weeks, and being 23 years old, the sight gave me an instant hard on.I whipped out my **** and began to stroke it as I watched from the shadows. They ****** for about five minutes after I started watching, and then he came deep in her *****. I took about three steps into my bedroom, made a few more strokes, and came myself. About 15 minutes later, I heard them start going at it again, and I took up my position in the hall, **** in hand. She was ******* him again like she couldn't get enough, and it didn't take long for both me and him to come, I heard her leave a few minutes later.

The next morning, I told my room mate that I heard him ******* and he laughed and told me that he had picked up the hottest, easiest piece of *** he'd ever had. She ****** him four times, sucking him back hard in minutes. He didn't know where she was from, and only knew her name was Lisa. He did mention that she had great ****, a loose ****, and the hairiest ***** he'd ever seen. The next weekend, the two of us went back to the Club, as was our usual habit on Friday nights. About ten o'clock, he poked me and said, "There's that chick I picked up last week." Not having seen her face, I was very pleasantly suprised to see that she was very nice looking, with a great *** and nice ****. I asked him if he minded if I made a play for it, having not been laid for over three weeks. He told me to go for it, that he was going to try for another girl he'd had his eye on. I spoke to her, and she invited me to sit down. We danced a few dances and drank a few drinks. Making a long story short, we shortly ended up in my bed. I will say she laughed when we got to the town house, but she didn't say anything more than she'd been to the complex before. When we got undressed, I saw that she was stacked, with big ****, big nipples, and a huge bush. I didn't waste any time going down on her, burying my face in her hairy *****. My roomie was right, her ***** was very loose, I had no trouble sliding four fingers in, and there was room to spare. We ******, she sucked, and we ****** some more, for hours. I gave her a final tongue lashing and she told me she needed to leave. We traded phone numbers and I went to bed, not horny for the first time in weeks.

The next weekend, I went back to the club, but I was late . . . she had already hooked up with someone else. Damning my luck, I went home about midnight, and crawled into bed alone. About 1, my phone rang and it was her. She asked if she could drop by and I, of course said ok. When she got there, I again buried my face in her *****, and could taste that someone had already been there that night. She came like sky rockets, and I was extremely turned on by the fact that I was eating ***** that had been ****** by someone else shortly before. We dated on and off for months, sometimes I was lucky and brought her home, and sometimes I had to wait for her to **** another guy before she came over. After nine months of sharing her ***** with many guys, I told her I loved her and wanted to get married. She didn't answer right away, and asked if the fact that she had been with lots of guys, some the same nights she was with me, would make any difference to me. I told her that I knew she had ****** lots of guys, and could taste their *** in her when she came over late. I also told her that I had seen her ******* my roommate, and that was why I picked her up that first night. She smiled and said she really wanted to marry me, and that me eating her ***** full of *** was the hottest thing anyone had ever done for her.

We got married 6 months later, and she didn't **** anyone else for over a year. One evening we were lying around naked and talking about sexy stuff, and I told her that I thought about watching her **** my roomie a lot and how much it turned me on, and how much I enjoyed eating her hairy ***** full of ***, and she asked me if I'd like to watch her **** someone else and eat her after. I said yes. Our marriage got exciting very quickly, lol. We've been married almost thirty years. Other stories later.
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wow very very hot and sexy...made me instantly hard

What a great woman!

A very fun girl - you struck gold with her. Ah - the memories of a 15 minute recovery time... those were the days! ;)

You are indeed very lucky indeed ... my story is pretty similar to yours too!

Great story. You are so ******* lucky to have a wife like that.