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Yummy Wife

So, I responded to an ad in Craig's list. It was a guy who was taking a seminar in Denver and wanted to watch a couple ****. My wife and I like to put on a show so we met the guy at a restaurant ahead of time to try to make sure he wasn't a psycho. Turned out that he was more nervous than we were! We went to his hotel room where put a little Nickelback on the Ipod player and I undressed her while he sat in a chair and watched. She has gorgeous double D's with pierced nipples. She danced a little to the music after which I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs apart. slowly licking the insides of her thighs and then her labia and ****, I gave her her first ******. I had brought my camera and the guy offered to take some pictures. That was fun too. I rolled her over doggy style and spread her cheeks for him and the camera. Then I licked her ***** and ******* until she came again. at this point, she took over and had me lay on my back while she sucked my ****. after thoroughly licking my balls and ****, she climbed on and began to ****. I was pounding her pretty hard when she whispered in my ear, "would it be OK if I sucked his **** while you **** me from behind?" It was more than OK with both he and I. He had a little trouble ******* so she ended up blowing him for a long time while I dutifully ****** her. The scene was so hot I finally could not wait and filled her ***** with an extraordinary large load of ***. She continued to suck him while I watched. Finally, he blew a load down her throat. Wow, what fun!
roadking51 roadking51 51-55, M 17 Responses Aug 15, 2010

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nice I would like to see the pics

Sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I still lived in Denver

Such a horny wife you have! She just couldn't see a nice **** without putting it in her mouth. You have one sensational wife!!!

Excellent....i love these kind of encounters

it would be great to see those pics!


great story love to watch you both & join in

Fun stuff. Well told. Having experienced this myself a while ago, its still fun to think about, and of course, I'd do it again any time. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. TWOF

Spitroasts are really hot for all 3 concerned. Good story.

Great story- your wife is awesome!!!

wow your story is so hot made me hard i would love to watch you an your wife put on a show

xan I watch and participate, let me know....

very hot wish to do with my wife too

I totally enjoy that with my Wonderful Wife :) !!

i love your story! i would have loved to have been there to watch! great story, thanks!

That would be such a turn on

what i wouldn't do to be that guy =)