The After Party

***This is a completely true story that happened a few years ago***

I sat back on the sofa as Katie and Holly sat across from me snugly sharing the oversized chair. We all watched a Cathouse rerun on demand as we finished our drinks. Katie’s husband was completely passed out on the other side of the sofa. He had way too much to drink at the party that he and Katie were hosting.

It was about 3:30 in the morning and the 3 of us were still wired from the party and all pretty buzzed as well. We talked about what we were watching and how we couldn’t believe some of the things they were doing on the show. Somehow in the midst of the conversation the subject was turned to Katie being able to ********** and come to ****** in 30 seconds from start to finish.

“When John takes care of the clients and leaves me at home alone I just need to *** sometimes,” Katie explained. “I get out the KY to get my **** wet and I rub it.”

My interest was peaked as I turned to listen to the conversation that Katie was having with the two of us. My wife, Holly, seemed to very intrigued with what Katie had to say.

“Sometimes when I really want to have an explosive ****** I’ll press on my belly right above my pelvic bone,” Katie continued.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I cut in. “How does pushing on your belly made you *** harder?”

“I’m able to hit my G-spot when I press down there,” she replied.

“So where do you press?” I coyly asked.

“Right here,” Katie demonstrated by placing her hand on her belly just over her pelvic bone over top of her dress.

“Yeah, I don’t see what you’re pressing.” I sly said while glancing over at Holly and
giving her a wink. “I think you need to show us without the dress in the way.”

Katie didn’t even think twice about it and lifted her hips and began pulling her dress up.

Holly moved her body so that she was sitting sideways facing her. I was in amazement that she was actually doing this with her, drunk, husband passed out on the sofa beside me.

She had her dress pulled up just to under her breasts when she lowered her hips back to the chair. Her black thong was all that covered her near naked *****. My wife observed Katie’s crotch as her friend continued her show and tell.

“Now as I was saying Jake,” Katie resumed as she placed the fingers of her left hand just above the top of her panties and gently pushed down. “I push down here and move it around until I feel a tingle inside while I rub my ****.” Her right hand moved down to demonstrate the massaging of her **** but over top of her thong.

“So you don’t rub your bare *****?” I naively questioned.

“Oh, I do and that’s where I put the KY,” Katie answered as if I seriously didn’t already know the answer.

"Are you getting this Holly?” I asked my wife. “Have you ever done this while

“No,” Holly responded, “can’t say that I have. But I think that I may try one day.”

“Give it a shot now.” I urged. “This way you know exactly where to press.”

Holly looked over at me and smirked but she didn’t hesitate to twist around and pull her dress up revealing her white lacy panties. She wedged herself next to Katie in the chair and I could not believe my eyes. It was such a surreal moment. I was wondering if this was a dream or if it is real.

Once Holly was comfortable she asked Katie if this is where she was pressing, as she pressed just above her pelvic bone.

“Yeah, that’s where”, Katie advised. “Then I rub my **** for about 30 seconds and I have me a nice ******.”

“Again, through your panties?” I questioned a second time.

With that, Katie slipped her right hand down under the hem of her thong and started
massaging her ****. “Just like this,” she acknowledged.

Holly, still with her left hand pressing on her belly, asked, “in 30 seconds?”

“When I have the KY lubing me up. I’ll get real wet and then, yeah, about 30 seconds.”

“Whatever,” I implausibly stated. “So you’re saying that you can have an ****** from start to finish in 30 seconds.”

“Yes,” Katie replied as she continued rubbing her *****.

“Show me,” I challenged.

“I need to be wet,” she informed.

“All this talking and you already rubbing yourself, you must be pretty wet by now. Check and see how wet she is Holly,” I boldly demanded.

Holly looked over at me and then into Katie’s eyes. She smiled and then removed her left hand off of her belly and leaned onto her right side. She placed her hand on Katie’s stomach just above Katie’s hand. Katie lifted her own right hand up to allowing Holly the room to slide her hand under Katie’s.

Amazing could not describe what was happening. Holly’s hand slinked into Katie’s bush and down into her ****. I could see her fingers come out of both sides of the bottom of Katie’s black thong. Katie watched as Holly dipped her middle finger into her *****. I watched as the base of Katie’s panties raised and lowered from Holly inserting and withdrawing her middle finger into her *****. Katie’s right hand pressed down on Holly’s wrist and her left hand press into her belly.

“I’d say you’re pretty wet,” Holly whispered to Katie as she extracted her hand from
Katie’s thong.

“Yeah so show us an ****** in 30 seconds,” I challenged.

“I need my KY,” she countered. Go up in my bathroom and grab the KY out of the

I looked at her as to ask if she was serious and then jumped off the couch and ran
upstairs. I didn’t have to be told twice.

Not knowing what the bottle looked like, I rummaged through their medicine cabinet so it took a few minutes to find it.

I crept back downstairs to see if I could catch the girls messing around. I came down the first flight of stairs and I heard them whispering and giggling. I concentrated to see if I could make out what they were whispering about but I couldn’t. I slowly snuck down the next flight of stairs and peaked around the corner to find the 2 of them dancing around the room talking about me getting lost trying to find the KY. So I moved from the stairwell and re-entered the room handed Katie the bottle of lube and returned to my spot on the sofa.

John was still passed out cold.

“Well I guess this is going to happen now, huh?” Katie said as she set the bottle on the end table, next to the chair, and pulled up her dress and over her head.

Her large uncontained breasts raised and then lowered again caused by the removal of her dress. They were perfectly round and supple and her half dollar sized nipples stood proud, as if to show her eagerness to rub her *****. She giggled nervously and stepped past Holly and whispered something to her as she passed. Katie then lowered herself down to the floor in between the chair and the fireplace.

Katie’s almost nude body faced me as she looked up at Holly. Holly took the hint and
slipped her dress up and off also revealing her incredibly pert breasts and white lace

Holly moved over to Katie and knelt down just to the left of her and turned her almost
nude body to face me as well.

My mind was no good. There was no blood there any longer. My throbbing **** took
over all thought processes. I was staring at two beautiful women lay on the floor next to one another, each only wearing a thong. I sat motionless waiting to see what would happen next.

Katie looked over at me and broke my daze, “I’m not sure if I can get 30 seconds with you guys here but I’ll try.” With that said she leaned back, next to Holly, and slipped her right hand down into her black thong.

Holly rolled to her right side to face Katie as she performed her 30 second magic.

She watched, as did I, Katie’s hand work her ***** under her panties.

Katie’s eyes slowly rolled back as she closed them to enjoy her pleasure. No KY was in use yet and I don’t think that she was going to need it, from the sounds of things. Her ***** talked to us as she slipped her finger in and out of it.

Katie, unexpectedly, opened her, glazed over, eyes and looked up at Holly. Holly
returned the stare. Katie took her left hand and slipped it up and behind Holly’s neck and pulled her down into a kiss.

My wife did not resist as they shared in a passionate kiss. Although the lights were dim I could see their tongues dancing with one another.

My **** pounded from the sounds of their lips smacking. He threatened to break through my pants as I watched Holly’s left hand snake its way to softly massage Katie’s mountainess ****.

Katie’s hand paused as she focused on the pleasure, given to her by Holly. She broke the kiss to let out a soft moan, which allowed Holly to move her lips over to Katie’s neck and ear. She rolled Katie’s nipples in between her fingers as she alternated kissing her mouth and neck and ear.

Their slurps and sucks were enough to drive anyone crazy. I looked over to see if John was up for watching but he was still dead to the world. My stare quickly returned to the amazing action that was happening in front of me. I rubbed my **** through my pants just to ease it’s desire to be touched. It didn’t help much.

Katie’s soft moans continued as Holly slowly lowered her left hand down to Katie’s
stomach. Katie took her own hand from her panties and brought it up caress Holly’s arm and back. They each exchanged soft touches with one another, all the while not breaking from the kissing.

Then it happened. Holly’s hand went down even lower and slid under the band of Katie’s thong. It was different seeing it happening now since the situation was much more heated up. Katie seemed to think so because she broke the kiss to let out a groan of approval. I could see Holly’s hand moving under the black thong. Her fingers entered Katie’s **** making a sloshing sound that was almost overpowered by Katie’s proclamation of pleasure.

Holly lowered her face to Katie’s breasts and began to suck in her erect nipples into her mouth. Katie’s hips instinctively ****** Holly’s hand while be pleasured. Each breast shared in the enjoyment of Holly’s lips and tongue. I could see that the hand in the panties shifted from fingering Katie’s soaked ***** to circling her ****.

Katie’s moans became profounder and a few deep ‘oh yeahs’ escaped her lips. Her hips ****** Holly’s hand harder and faster.

Holly could sense that Katie was nearing an ****** but she stopped her hand from the pleasuring. I wasn’t sure what was going on because I knew that she couldn’t have *** yet. I guess Holly knew what she was doing. She raised her face from Katie’s **** and whispered in her ear “can I lick you down there?”

A questionable “mmm hmmm” responded to Holly’s request.

Holly softly kissed Katie on the lips and then situated herself in a kneeling position in
between Katie’s parted legs. She placed each of her hands on the outer sides of Katie’s legs, just below her knees. Taking her time, Holly slid her hands up Katie’s thighs and up to the waist band of the thong. Taking hold of the sides, she slid the panties down revealing Katie’s furry golden ****. Once removed Holly moved in to position, laying flat on her belly and her face inches away from her very first ***** *********** experience.

Holly placed light kisses on each of Katie’s inner thighs just before she moved in for her first lick. I got up and moved over to the chair that they were in earlier so that I could get a better view.

This was a perfect seat. And a perfect night. I was about to watch my wife eat another woman’s ****.

Holly’s lips slowly met Katie’s box and the moans began immediately. I observed as
Holly’s lips were parted by her tongue and viewed it begin to encircle the erect ****.

I’m not sure if Katie was ready for this to be happening because she took both of her
hand and placed them over her face. But she did not stop the moment from happening and didn’t stop her groans of pleasure.

Holly brought her right hand under her to gain access to Katie’s drippy ****. Her middle finger entered her effortlessly while she continued her **** tonguing. Katie’s hand did not muffle the sounds coming from her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she released. “That feels sooo good.”

I could slightly catch a quiet sigh escape from Holly’s buried lips. She continued to eat Katie’s hairy ***** while ******* her with, what I found out later, two of her fingers.

Katie’s un-comfortableness must have outweighed her pleasure because she removed her hands from her face and reached down to take Holly by the shoulders.

Holly sensed that Katie was done and she moved up to resume the passionate kisses that they shared earlier.

Katie didn’t seem to mind kissing the same lips that just were planted in her own juices a few moments ago.

Katie took the control from here and wrapped her arms around Holly as they kissed.

She slowly rolled Holly over onto her back all while not breaking their kiss. I could see, and hear, the lust coming from the two of them as they rubbed one another’s bodies. Katie’s right hand roamed up and down Holly’s side making her writhe with desire.

Katie broke the kiss and familiarly made her way to a kneeling position in front of Holly.

She clutched the sides of Holly’s white lace panties and pulled them down and off. It
appeared that Katie was going to return the favor that Holly treated her with.

I almost came in my pants in anticipation of watching my wife get licked by another
woman. It was a very surreal moment.

I looked at Holly. She had her eyes closed while she kneaded her breasts. Katie leaned down over Holly and lowered her face to Holly’s stomach. She began kissing all over her belly and around her navel. Katie then placed her hand at the entrance of Holly’s awaiting ****. I’m sure that she could feel the heat coming off from her slit right before she entered her with her middle finger.

“Ohhmm” is all that she could get out as she tilted her head back. I could hear the sounds of her wetness as Katie pulled her finger out and inserted it back in. Katie repeated her plunging her finger in and out of Holly’s dripping slit. Katie moved her face up to Holly’s stiffened nipples pulling them one at a time into her mouth.

“Ahhhmmm” seeped from Holly’s direction as Katie now placed her thumb on her ****
and join the hand ******* rhythm. Seeing the ecstasy on Holly’s face, I knew that she
would be ******* soon. Katie’s thumb circled Holly’s **** as her, now, two fingers
****** her.

“Ohhh yeah, that’s it, mmmm”, Holly fervently muttered. “That feels
sooo…mmmm…ooooh…mmmm”. Holly ****** her hips into Katie’s hand and placed her own hand on the back of Katie’s head to pull it into her ****.

“Ahhh…I’m cummming…mmmm” Holly plead. Katie thrusted her fingers in and out
feeling the walls of Holly’s **** contracting around them while she orgasmed. It was
amazing to watch her face as she was pleasured by another.

Once Holly’s ****** subsided she freed Katie’s head from her breast and pulled her to her face. Katie’s fingers ended their movement as they embraced for more necking. Katie was still directly over Holly so Holly slid her left hand down to Katie’s sex. Katie parted her legs allowing Holly full access, also allowing me with one incredible view of Katie’s puffy, glistening lips.

Holly wasted no time entering the moist opening with two of her fingers. She effortlessly slid them in and out of Katie’s box, dripping juices down her wrist. Katie broke the kissing to focus on indulging in the pleasure. Holly moved her lips to Katie’s neck and ear.

Katie began to breathe heavily and deep moans flowed from her mouth. “That’s it, right there…ooooooohhhhhh”. I watched Katie’s cream trickle down Holly’s hand as she reached her ******. “Oooooohhhhh…” Katie released as she came. Holly’s pumping fingers slowed to an end. Katie returned her face to Holly’s and they shared in a last lustful kiss.

The two of them lay there for about a minute caressing one another softly. I needed relief so I broke the silence, “Ahem”. This shook them out of their trance. Katie rolled off of Holly and onto her back to look up at me. She looked back at Holly and informed her that she had to get me taken care of.

Holly, without delay, crept over to me and knelt between my legs. She leaned into me and we began kissing. I could almost taste Katie’s ***** on her lips. We kissed for about 20 seconds but I needed to ***.

Katie must have left the room, but this didn’t mean much. I stood up and pull Holly up with me. I turned us around and sat her back down on the chair. I undid my pants and they quickly dropped to the floor. In one move I then pulled my boxers down and
lowered myself placing my throbbing **** just at Holly’s entrance. I easily thrust it into her sopping ****.

All that could come out of her mouth were quick grunts as I pounded my **** into her. It took me all of 30 insertions before pulling out, rapidly stroking my **** and releasing my load all over her stomach and ****. I groaned as the sensation overwhelmed my body.

I slowly released my spent **** and grabbed a towel to clean Holly up. Katie was still not around so we assumed that she went to bed. We took that as a good idea so we passed John, still on the couch, and headed up to the bedroom that was reserved for us.

What a great ‘*******’ party!
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Apr 9, 2013