I Watched My Wife Have Intimate Sex With A Woman

My wife and I usually talk about sex during sex like most couples. It was during one of these talks that I started saying things like I wanted to watch her have sex with another woman and often, her reply was the that would be hot. After a number of these conversations, it became our mutual fantasy.so I asked if she would actually follow through with it and she's said probably. So I started looking online for a candidate. I soon struck up a conversation with one girl in our city. She was a single mother but she was willing to chat and get to know us. So after a few chats, we invite her over to play cards so we could all meet. While we're playing cards, my wife excuse yourself to go to the washroom. And I had already noticed this woman seeking peaks at my wife's breast. But when my wife got up, i noticed the girls take a quick peek at her crotch. It was quite innocent actually, but for some reason it was a bit of a turn on for me. When my wife returned we continue playing cards for a bit. Then the other girl excuse yourself to go to the washroom. That was when I told my wife what I'd seen. My wife asked me, so what do you think. I said what if you just had boob play and kissing or something. She said yeah I'm okay with that. So when the girl return, we told her of our plans. She said she was okay with that. So I said okay let's go upstairs to the bedroom. Once there I shut the lights off but turn the channel to a dead static channel just to put light in the room. The girls sat next to each other on the bed still dressed and kind of nervous not sure what to do next. So I suggested they kiss on the lips for a few seconds just to break the ice. They shrugged ans said okay. They both turned to each other and leaned in for a kiss, a somewhat passionate kiss without tongue of course. But it lasted maybe 15 seconds. to break the ice I said well that was a long two seconds. I suggested try again but this time add tongues. So the girls looked at each other leaned in for a kiss, and after a few seconds I saw their heads tilt more and their mouth open. Their lips were locked into a long deep French kiss. Surprisingly however, although it was very exciting to me, it was more exciting to think here's is my wife not only french kissing but I actually making out with another woman passionately. The kiss went on for nearly 10 minutes at least. Before my wife reached up and grabbed the woman's breast. I heard her moan as they still continue to kiss the girl return the favor to my wife. To they removed their tops and their bras and started playing with their boobs while kissing. They lean back on the bed and begins sucking each others boobs. After about another 20 minutes of this, my wife look at me as if to say what now? So I asked if they wanted to try tripping. The girl said what's that? I answered that's when two girls rub their ******* together. She said ok and look up my wife who said I'm okay with that. So they both got off the bed, removed their pants and underwear. Both claimed that they were both very wet. They chuckled as they got back on the bed. The woman got on her back and spread her legs. My wife crawled in between them looked down and squatted on her knees and aimed her ***** to the other woman's *****. As soon as they made contact, my wife's eyes closed and her mouth opened. the other woman gasped and said Oh my god that feels so awesome. As they began to rub back and forth, I could hear their wet ***** making sexual noises. My wife came immediately and the other woman followed suit with loud moans. I noticed the woman relax but my wife continued to slowly rub and grind against her lover. Later she told me she could actually feel her **** hitting the other woman's ****. She enjoyed the feeling of their juices mixing and imagine themselves exchanging sex juices. I came so hard in fact, I was actually sore from my ******. We haven't seen her since. She got back with her boyfriend and basically lost touch with us. So I'm hoping to find another woman soon. I would love my wife to have an affair with another woman not really behind my back but I would like to mostly watch sometimes join in and even be at work on night shift knowing the other woman's going over to have sex with her.
iloverallyracing iloverallyracing
46-50, M
Nov 11, 2013