It Was Fun Too

My wife was taking a nap one afternoon and her girlfriend came over.  Now we had had sex with all three of us together which was plenty of fun.  I always got the  impression the girlfriend was more interested in my wife than me or the 3 of us together.  So the girlfriend comes over to the house and I tell her my wife is asleep, but it it probably time for her to get up so the girl friend says, "can I wake her up?"  Sure this should be a good show

My wife always sleeps naked and this was no exception so the girlfriend decides to get naked too.  No big deal.  So the gf starts kissing my wife on different parts of her body.  So by now my wife has some idea what is going on and rolls onto her back and the gf goes right between the thighs and starts eating my wifes *****.  So a nice little ****** later the ladies get dressed and we all have dinner together.

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Not much more detail to give. They were both naked, my wife had a nice ****** while I watched (my head was right next to the girl friends as she was eating my wife) The girlfriend didn't want the favor returned at that particular time (usually I ate the girlfriend, while the girls kissed and played with each others ****).

i know its not a good story unless you give details

more details please.