My Wife Near Lagrange Ga

I did not get to see this, but she told me all about it when she got home. It was a few months ago now, and my wife was on way home from her friend's house. She pulled into this truckstop that had a fast food restaurant inside to eat. As she was eating, a guy at another table started chatting with her. She invited him to join her and they chatted very generally for a while and then he asked her what she was doing here alone, where was her boyfriend. She told him she was married and had been for over 20 years and hubby was at home and she was returning from a friend's house. He asked her then why she did not have on a wedding ring since she was married. She told him that hubby likes for and encourages her to play around when she meets someone interested. He said I am interested, are you? She said yes, but she needed to go to the restroom. In there, she called me and told me what was going on and that she would be a few hours later getting home. When she returned, they went out to his truck and she sucked him and got ****** twice there in the cab of his truck. She was so hot and excited when she got home. :)
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lucky did you clean her after all ...

You are so lucky to have such a hot and naughty wife! I bet she was not the only one hot and excited when she got home later!!!

This event was not bareback...but now that she has completed menopause, she does bareback with her lover when they meet.

Was it bareback, and did he *** inside her?