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Wife In Panties

This is one of my earliest recollections of getting very aroused by other guys looking at my wife.

We hadn't been married for too long, so it must have been when we were about 23 years old. Until then I was slightly aroused by guys finding my wife attractive, but more likely more jealous and over protective. That all changed when we went on holiday to Turkey. There were several incidents which "kick started" my interest in showing off my wife.....but this is one which fits in with this theme.

We had wandered into town to get some lunch one day. The weather was very hot, so my wife was just wearing a skimpy pair of panties, small shorts and a flimsy top. We walked along a back street and my wife was looking in the windows of several clothes shops. After a while, she stopped outside a jeans shop and appeared to be interested in some white jeans. I said we could go in and have a look. There was a good selection of jeans on display, at very reasonable prices, compared to the UK. My wife chose a pair of white jeans and a pair of black jeans and asked the sales guy (possibly the owner.......mid 30's dark tanned Turkish man) where the changing rooms where. He said in broken English that there were no changing rooms, but she could try them on behind the clothes rails, in the corner of the shop. I was a bit pissed at this, but to be fair to him, he did walk away to the middle of the shop and didn't
look at my wife.

She tried on both pairs, but as the sizes were European and not UK, they didn't fit too well. She called him over and showed him that they were too loose and asked him what size she needed. All of a sudden, I became aroused watching him look at my wife to see what size would be best for her......... a totally innocent situation had awoken desires in me, which I had never really appreciated before. Her found her 2 pairs of jeans in the sizes that he thought would fit. He then walked away to the middle of the store. I began hoping that I would catch him trying to sneak a look at my wife changing, but he was being the perfect gentlemen and didn't turn around until she spoke to him. The 1st pair fitted fine and she called him back and turned around in the jeans saying " these are great, they fit perfectly". She did look good, standing there, in her tight white jeans which made her arse look amazing. She then picked up the black jeans to try them on. The sales guy again (unfortunately) walked away. She put them on and called him over. She told him that they were fine around the waist, but a bit too baggy around her bum and top of her thighs.........I really enjoyed watching him closely inspect her. He went off and got another pair of jeans, which were the same size, but a different style. My wife started taking off the jeans and he was about to walk away. To my immense pleasure, she said, "it is OK, you can't keep walking back and forwards, it only takes a second to change". So he stood there as my wife turned her back to him and pulled down her jeans. I didn't want to freak him out, so didn't look at him, but I desperately wanted to see if he was looking at her arse, barely covered by her skimpy panties.

She pulled up the black jeans, which looked amazing on her. She turned and showed us both (him more than me) how they looked on her. It was so sexy watching her stick her arse out and pose to show off her jeans! She then asked him if he would give her a good price for the 2 pairs and he said if she found another pair of jeans, she could have the cheapest pair free. She wandered around the shop with him and came back with 2 pairs. This time she just pulled her jeans down, directly in front of him, chatting casually about the bars and clubs that he thought were good nearby. I was so turned on and knew now that one of my biggest desires would be to see my wife in various stages of undress in front of strangers. She ended up trying on 4 more pairs of jeans until she found the 3rd pair that fitted perfectly. The sales guy got to see her all of those times, sometimes frontal view and occassionally her arse view.

I paid the guy and we walked out of the shop and went to an outside bar for a drink. I said to her "that was amazing, I can't believe you let him see you like that". "What" she said, "he didn't see anything, I was only getting changed". I told her that she looked amazing, changing in front of him wearing only a small top and her skimpy panties. "You're such a perv" she said, "it wasn't like that at all".

I often think back fondly to that day and can't believe my luck that it happened. Now I try and get her exposed in that type of situation as frequently as possible!
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we're two of a kind, you n me...

Love her attitude.

fun story