The First Time I Saw The X In Action Long But True

My sex life with my e wife was excellent and it all started innocently enough. We would always share our fantasies and any sexual dreams we had with each other. One of my favorite this was to watch the look on her face as she came. The look alone would usually send me over the edge and we would end up coming together more often than not.
The first summer after we bought our first house my x expressed an attraction to the guy that was painting the house and how they would flirt back and forth. I remember feeling a little sick in my stomach from this but my **** was telling us both something different. During out love making we would talk about it and it became an obsession of mine to make it happen someday. We never acted on this but it was a very hot fantasy for us.
A few years later and a lot of talking, I had a friend and very carefully, I approached him on the subject of a 3sum. He was all for it and that’s when I started working on making it happen. I started working it into our hot talk during sex. When I told her that I asked him, she went wild. We ended up having lengthy discussions as to how she wanted it to happen
The night finally arrive it seemed like a lifetime from the time I invited my friend over until the day he showed up at my door. He got there before the x got back from her evening run I had put the kids in bed. She got back and had a few beers to get her relaxed enough and got up and took a shower.
My friend and I when to our bedroom and gout undressed and waited for her to come out. Finally, she came into the room in a sexy lil teddy. She stool between us and we both started to kiss her all over and undress her. Once they got going, I pulled back and let them have at it. She was playing with his ****, bent down, and started to suck it. She was getting him good and hard when she ******** out of her teddy and crawled up on the bed. He got between her legs and buried his face and started to lick her until she came. The part Ill never forget was when he moved up and slowly slid his **** into her. I sat there and watched her face as his **** slid into her hungry wert *****.
The ex and I decided before hand that we were not going to use a runner and that he had to pull out. I’ll never forget him pulling out and coming all over her stomach. Once he moved, out of the way, I moved in her ***** felt so warm and soft after being ****** by him I slowly slid her telling how much I loved her until I filled her with my come.
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So hot,pity you guy's split up !

Hmmmm. So nice