Snowballing With My Wife

My wife has the most amazing lips! So moist, warm and soft. Combined with amazing fingers and patience. The first time I watched her display her talents on one of her friends, listened to his moans of sheer pleasure and felt how wet she was in my mouth, especially as we kissed afterwards, hmmmmmmm next round please xxxx
openmindedexperiences openmindedexperiences 36-40, M 5 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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i use to kiss my wife after she sucked off a guy thenshe would let it flo into my mouth and i swallowed now as shes sucking ill suck another guy and we will mix the *** together and share


This is where my wife's talents come to force......she is happy for me to satisfy several men in the middle of a group wanking session....only when I have been extra attentive and deemed of sufficient good behaviour does she join in.....thus far she has 'made me' service 5 guys at one whilst watching and feeding me xx

shame to waste such a talent ,happy to help out lol

Wish she were here with her lips around my ****.

your story was starting to get really good! yes, next round please!

For round two, have you considered having several guys. Your wife has three holes and you have two. Five guys moving around would give you both lots of pleasure and tasty treats.