Debbie Leaves The Light On

I've posted this story about Debbie elsewhere but it definitely fits this topic.

This story happened about twenty-three years ago. Shortly after our daughter was born, our sex life shifted into high gear and we had great sex almost every night. Debbie had lost a lot of weight after the pregnancy, looked great and knew it. She started wearing more revealing clothes -- shorter shorts, halter-type tops, slinky sundresses and often went without a bra and sometimes, even without panties. She bought some very sexy teddies and nightgowns and we played in the evening for hours at a time.

Fantasies played a big part in our lovemaking. We often shared fantasies of being with other partners, talking about people we knew and imaging them as sex partners, etc. These fantasies included our neighbors, friends, and people we worked with. Debbie enthusiastically participated in the hot talk and the sex was incredible. We would often move into our living room, turn the lights down very low and we would part the drapes as I would take Debbie's clothes or nightgown off and get turned on thinking that a neighbor or passing stranger would look in and see her naked breasts and shaved *****. I would stand behind her and squeeze her breasts and finger her dripping ***** as she faced the window.

We were looking for additional ways to spice things up and decided to buy a VCR so we could watch ***** tapes together. This was a major investment for us back then but we were driven by lust. The local video stores (before the big chains arrived) had separate curtained-off rooms where the XXX videos were kept. I remember the rental being only for one night and fairly expensive. Debbie wasn't shy ... she would often go to the video store and come back with adult tapes that would result in hot lovemaking sessions. I would imagine her at the video store, in her sundress with no bra and hard nipples, being helped by the male owner who I'm sure was wishing he could get in her panties ... only she probably wasn't wearing any that day. One night she told me that while she was in the backroom, the owner walked in and brushed up against her. She said that it was done intentionally and that after he left the backroom she tweaked her nipples to be extra hard when she checked out. I asked her if she wanted to have sex with him and she said maybe if he had been more forward. Another hot night of *******.

Gene and Maureen had been our friends for many years. Debbie and Maureen had worked together before the kids came along. Gene was always attracted to Debbie and at times was quite forward about it. Debbie told me that one night she was at their house, Maureen was out of the room and Gene took Debbie's hand and placed it on his bare **** (he was in a bathrobe having just taken a shower). Debbie said it was big, hard and wet from leaking precum. Nothing more happened that night as they heard Maureen come back down the hall.

Gene and Maureen were often participants in our bedtime fantasies. Over time Maureen played a lesser role in these fantasies and it became more and more, Gene and I pleasuring Debbie. Debbie really got into these fantasies using Gene's name and had multiple ******* as I described that Gene would be licking her shaved ***** as I licked the hard nipples on her small ****. During these sessions I would ask Debbie how far she would go if I asked.

"Do you want to **** Gene?" - "Yes!"

"Would she suck him off?" - "Yes!"

" Anal?" - "Yes!"

God, the sex was so hot back then.

One night Gene was picking me up to go out to a meeting. Before I left I was kissing and groping Debbie, making her hot, and I asked her if this is the night I should ask Gene in to have some fun when he dropped me off. Debbie got quiet and then said, "If that's what you want." I turned it around and asked her if she wanted that. She smiled, kissed me and said, "I don't know", but I could tell from her kiss that the thought of it really happening turned her on enormously. Before I headed out the door I asked her several more times, "yes or no?" Each time it was the same answer, "I don't know."

I came up with a plan. We had a light over the exterior door that we always left on when someone was out, but we also had a light on the garage that we seldom turned on. I told her to think about it and if she wanted me to bring Gene in when we got back about 10:30pm, then to turn the garage light on. I kissed her hard, pressed her between her legs as she moaned and then I headed out the door. As I got in Gene's car I noticed that the light on the garage was off so Debbie would have to be proactive to make this happen.

Debbie told me later that she had turned the light on almost immediately after we left, then 15 minutes later turned it off. Over the next few hours she flipped it on and off several times. The idea must have been driving her crazy though. After the kids were in bed and fast asleep, Debbie had gone into our TV room and put a **** tape in the VCR. She has never admitted it, but I bet she played with herself thinking about Gene as she watched the tape.

About 10:20pm Gene and I drove down the street. As we got about 3 houses away, I looked and saw that the light was on. I could hardly breathe. Debbie had made the decision ... she wanted to have some fun with Gene. I was trembling. As we pulled in the driveway, Gene stopped the car and I just sat there for a few seconds, not saying anything. This was harder than I thought. What do I say, "Debbie left me a sign. She wants to **** you."

I just said, "Want to come in for a bit?" He said sure. We were quiet when we walked into the kitchen area and most of the interior lights were off but I could see the TV flickering from down the hall. We walked into the den and Debbie was sound asleep on the couch. I could tell she had been watching a video because the remote was on the coffee table (it was a wired remote back then on that VCR model). Debbie woke with a start and her eyes got real big as she noticed Gene was with me. She sat up quickly and realized what was happening. She told me later that as she watched the video she had decided that tonight was not the night but must have fallen asleep with the garage light still on. She also realized that she wasn't dressed for company. Debbie was wearing a satin red see-through camisole top with matching panties. As she sat up, one of the straps slipped off her shoulder and the top slid down almost exposing her breast. She quickly folded her arms across her chest and crossed her legs. Gene just stood there gawking making Debbie feel uncomfortable.

I picked up the remote and said, "What were you watching?" Debbie, embarrassed to have me start the tape, reached for the remote but I pulled it beyond her reach. As she did so, the top slipped again and I could just see the top edge of her nipple. I'm sure Gene saw it also.

Desperate now, she stood to grab the remote, but too late, I pressed play. I heard the moans before I saw the picture. On the screen were a woman and two men. One guy was having his **** sucked by the woman as the other guy licked her nipples and fingered her *****. The woman squirmed in ecstasy. While Gene looked at the TV, I looked at Debbie. Her cheeks has blushed with embarrassment and as she continued to struggle with me for the remote, her handful size **** jiggled invitingly beneath the satin top. As she reached up trying to grab the remote, which I held above her reach, her see-through panties became fully exposed. Before she could react I grabbed her very tight and kissed her hard. She struggled for a couple of seconds but then passionately returned my kiss as I squeezed her ***.

Gene continued to watch the TV screen and sneak looks over to Debbie and me. I whispered in Debbie's ear, "Do you want to do this?" As I held her I could feel her tremble slightly as she whispered back, "I don't know."

I whispered, "Yes you do" and she kissed me again and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I whispered again, "You want this, don't you?" She responded with a nod and hugged me very tight. I broke her hold on me and turned her around so she was facing Gene.

Gene, who hadn't said a word, had stopped watching the TV entirely and was staring wide-eyed at Debbie. Debbie's nipples were as hard as I ever seen them and were poking against the flimsy fabric. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed up against her back. My hard-on pressed against her *** and I was so excited that it almost hurt. I kissed her neck, nibbled on her ear and ran my hand over her ****. Debbie had her eyes shut but Gene was watching me grind into her and squeezing her breasts. I whispered again, "Are you ready for this?" She whispered back, "Yes." I whispered, "Gene's looking at you." Debbie opened her eyes, caught Gene's gaze and held it. She stared at him and he stared at her. I was surprised that Gene had not made any moves toward her yet. I always pictured him as an aggressor but I think the situation, with me present, left him frozen.

As I continued to stroke Debbie's **** and occasionally lower, I licked her neck and whispered, "What do you want?" Her whispered response was, "You know." I spoke up now and said, "Yes, I know but Gene doesn't." Debbie held Gene's gaze and softly said, "I want Gene." I almost came in my pants right then. This was definitely going to happen.

I said, "Tell Gene what you want." She responded a little louder this time, "I want you, Gene." Gene was still speechless at this point, the ******* and sucking on the screen long forgotten, and the live show in front of him holding his complete attention. I saw Debbie look down and I followed her gaze to the front of Gene's pants. He had a very obvious erection and it looked very big. I said in my normal talking voice, "Do you want him to lick your ****?" She responded much louder now, "Yes."

"Do you want to suck his ****?" Debbie nodded. I told her to say it out loud. She said, "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

What Debbie said next truly shocked me. Debbie looked Gene in the eye and said in her normal voice, "Gene, I want to suck your **** and have you *** in my mouth."

During our 13-year (to this point) marriage, Debbie had let me *** in her mouth only a handful of times. I knew this was not her favorite activity and she had just offered it to our friend as their first sexual encounter.

Gene stood motionless. I took action. Still standing behind her, I slipped the straps off Debbie's shoulders and let the top fall to the floor. Debbie stood before Gene with just the red see-through panties on. Gene ogled her breasts as I stroked and squeezed her nipples. Still no movement from Gene so I put my hands under her breasts and lifted them toward him and said, "Taste these." Finally he moved and with me still holding and offering her breasts to him, Gene lowered his mouth first to one nipple and then the other. Debbie shuttered, pulled slightly away from me and held Gene head with her hands. When Gene came up for air, Debbie wrapped her arms around him, crushed her breasts into his chest and kissed him hard on the mouth. I saw Gene touch her **** for the first time while they dueled with their tongues.

Again, surprisingly, Debbie became the aggressor. She led Gene to the couch, where still kissing and fondling, they fell to a seated position. Now it was my turn to stand speechless and motionless, as Gene's hand cupped her ***** while Debbie started rubbing his **** through his pants. Debbie started to undo Gene's belt buckle as Gene continued to rub her ***** and suck on her breasts. After unzipping him, Debbie snaked her hand into his boxers, and although she denies it to this day, I heard her audibly moan as she touched Gene's **** for the first time that night. I was absolutely mesmerized by this sexy woman, my wife, being overwhelmed with lust for our friend.

Then with Gene still sitting, Debbie slid to the floor and asked Gene to stand. She finished unzipping his pants and pulled his pants and boxers completely down.

Oops, a little bit of jealousy ... Gene was considerable bigger than me. His **** was sticking straight out. Debbie reached up with her left hand and gently grabbed Gene's **** near the base. At least another 4" extended beyond her closed fist. The things I remember most vividly --- that Gene's **** was well beyond her closed hand and that the hand with her wedding ring held another man's ****.

Then another moment that will be etched in my mind forever. For the first time since Gene had touched her, Debbie, still holding his **** looked back at me and smiled and mouthed the words, "Thank You." She then rocked forward and very gently kissed the tip of his ****. Then, maybe as an afterthought, she looked back at me again, this time with a strand of precum bridging between her lips and his **** and mouthed the words, "I love you." I smiled from ear to ear and nodded. I was happy for her, happy for me and I'm sure Gene was happy for his incredible fortune this night.

Debbie pushed Gene back into a sitting position and remained kneeling at his feet. Debbie then stuck her wet pink tongue out and licked another drop of precum oozing from Gene's **** and then devoured his ****. Again, to this point, Debbie had never been a huge fan of **** sucking but you would never know it watching her bob up and down on Gene's ****. She was more animated then I've ever seen her. She moaned, Gene moaned and I moaned watching her enjoy her first **** since we had been married.

I finally decided to get in on some of the action. I pushed the coffee table to one side and kneeled behind Debbie. I reached around squeezed her nipples again, grinding my hard-on into her *** and then put my hands on her hips. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down.

Debbie abruptly stopped sucking Gene's **** and pushed me back with one hand while still holding Gene's **** with the other. Debbie curtly said, ... "You wanted this, you wanted to watch me with another man, now back off and watch." With that, she again took as much as Gene's **** as she could fit in her mouth and started to move her hand and mouth in unison. Gene looked up at me and smiled. I watched my beautiful wife as she pleasured Gene.

It came to a finish all too quickly. I could have watched much longer. I wish I had the foresight to have a camera handy but unfortunately the pictures in my mind will have to suffice. Gene started to move his hips off the couch while Debbie's mouth moved faster and faster. Gene was moaning while slurping and more guttural sounds came from Debbie's mouth. Debbie reached up and massaged Gene's balls and Gene gave a grunting sound. The result was obvious. His **** was convulsing and filling Debbie's mouth. She held just the tip in her mouth and pumped his **** with her hand as he came. Gene fell back onto the couch.

Sweat was on Gene's forehead and Debbie's breasts were shiny with perspiration. Smiling and still holding Gene's now deflating ****, Debbie looked over at me, opened her mouth to show me his *** and then swallowed it all. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen her do. She continued to give Gene's **** light butterfly kisses. I expected it to come back to life but Gene just breathed heavily with a look of bliss on his face.

Finally, I moved closer and took Debbie's hand and helped her to her feet. I saw that her panties had a dark wet spot in the entire crotch area. I hugged her very tight. We looked in each other's eyes and (I know this sounds corny) but we stood nose tip to nose tip grinning at each other. I could smell Gene's scent on her. We exchanged whispered, ... "I love you's." Then Debbie kissed me very passionately and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I resisted slightly at first but then let her share his taste with me. Thinking about what I had just witnessed drove me to new levels of excitement I never knew before. Debbie was on fire.

Debbie turned back to Gene and said, "Thank you, did you enjoy that?" Gene remarked that it was the most incredible thing he had ever experienced. Debbie asked him to keep this just between the three of us at this point and Gene readily agreed. He stood and took Debbie in his arms again and kissed her. She frenched him too while grinding her still pantied ***** on his leg. Gene slid his hand into her panties and started to finger her but Debbie backed away and said, ... "That's enough for tonight." Gene looked disappointed but Debbie said, "Gene, sharing has been our fantasy for a long time, there will be other nights, Frank and I need to have some time to ourselves to make sure we're both okay with what just happened."

I think she could tell from the tent and wet spot on my jeans that everything was A-okay with me. She moved back to my side and we stood arm and arm watching as Gene put his clothes back on. I stayed in the den as Debbie, still in just her panties walked with Gene to the door. She told me that they shared one last kiss and she squeezed his **** for the last time that night.

We quickly straightened up, turned off the lights, checked on the sleeping kids and went to our bedroom. We both got fully undressed and jumped on top of the covers. I was still in a very heightened state of arousal with my erection standing straight up. Debbie leaned over and kissed the tip of my ****, just as I had seen her do with Gene less than 15 minutes before. Then she said, "Make me come." In a heartbeat I had my head between her legs and my tongue in her very wet *****. It literally took about 10 licks on her **** until she had the strongest ****** I had ever witnessed. Debbie thrashed about, screamed and yelled, then rolled over and sat on my ****, which was as hard as it's ever been. Debbie seemed insatiable. She ****** me this night, I was just along for the ride and what a ride it was. Debbie announced that she was going to come again and uncharacteristically, I was able to come almost at the same time.

Afterwards we cuddled for a long time before falling asleep. Debbie told me that every sexual nerve ending in her body felt alive that night. I asked her why she chose to suck Gene off rather than **** him and she said that at the moment when she saw his **** straining against his pants she just wanted to caress it and make love to his ****. She also said that it seemed dirtier or more taboo and since she wasn't sure she would ever get up the nerve to do this sort of thing again, she wanted to give me a good show. What a show it was. To this day it remains one of the best nights of my life.

I love this woman.

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