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My wife and I were recently on vaction in Florida. A relaxed trip full of beach days, shopping, fishing and night life. One eventing after a day at the beach with my wife sunning herself in a very skimpy bikini, she was especially horny before going out to dinner and drinks. I suspect the constant looks of lust from men half her age got her juices flowing. For her evening garb she wore a skimpy sun dress with no panties on. At dinner my 45 year old wife admitted that she enjoyed getting eye ****** by all the young, good looking men on the beach. I told her as is normal, it turned me on knowing that she was being lusted after by younger guys who wanted her.
After dinner we went to a local watering hole full of people of all ages that had a dance floor. Nearly an hour in to the drinking and dancing at the bar we noticed a couple young guys looking at my wife with obvious lust in their eyes. I told her I was going to park myself somewhere else for awhile to see if one of them would ask her to dance. Within a min of me leaving her on the bar stool by herself one of them came over and ask her to dance. She's a very sexy dancer and definitly had the young man's attention. After a couple of dances the young mans friend cut in to dance with her also. As the evening progressed it became a party between us four once I returned to my wife for a dance. We ended up at the same table with the two young guys, who were funny, clean cut, and just having a good time flirting with my wife. As it got later I suggested we go to our hotel room for a couple bottles of wine, they eagerly agreed. Once in the room my wife excused herself to the restroom to freshen up. While she was in the bathroom, I told the two guys that if she was willing they could **** her or let her do as she pleased with them after they both took s shower and used the mouth wash that was in the bathroom. When my wife came out they excused themselves one by one and took a shower as I requested. Once all were fresh and clean I opened the wine, turned down the lights and sat by my wife and gave her a long wet kiss as I rubbed her legs. I then turned to the guys and asked them if they'd like to watch as my wife and I made love. Nervously they smiled and agreed with enthusiasm. Once my wife and I were naked and on the bed I told them to feel free to get naked too so we didn't feel like a circus show. Once they were naked I could feel my wife shudder and quiver with her first orgasum. As I ****** my wife I signaled for one of the guys to *** closer to the bed. Once he had his body and **** close to my wife I told her that she was welcome to do as she pleased all night. With that, she began to suck one of the young mens ***** with me still ******* her. As she got hotter and hotter I moitioned for the other young man to take my place between her legs. I then sat back and watched my fit, sexy, long legged, blond wife, in a doggy position suck and **** both the guys in to a frenzy. several times they changed places, taking turns ******* her as she sucked and licked her own juices off their *****. almost an hour of this before the first guy came in my horny wifes mouth, she drank every drop of him. For another 10 min's I watched the 2nd young stud **** my wife silly, realizing he was likely to *** soon I asked him to let me in my wifes ***** as she began to suck him off as well. At about the time I came in my wifes ***** the 2nd guy exploded with an extremely large load of *** in my wifes mouth. His load was so large that she was not able to swallow it all. As I watch her licking up his *** and pushing what dripped on to her lips and cheek back in to her mouth, I came in her ***** again. Likely the hottes night of ******* either of us has ever had. All spent, we drank wine and talked for about a half hour before my wife got on her knees in front of their chairs and once again, one by one drained their young ***** in to her mouth. My only regret is that I didn't film the event for us to enjoy at home.
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The most important thing is that you made the guys take a shower and use mouthwash........ why didn't you ask them to clip their nails, shave, clean the wax out of their ears, and put on some make up?

A very hot story. Would love more. We are going to Vegas in a couple weeks and this is the step I am hoping for. Mine is sexy enough and I know would love it if, I can get over her small town hangups.

This sounds like a really hot night. I bet you would enjoy snowballing with your wife. She shouldn't get all the ***

I agree, it would be so hot for her to hold the guy's *** in her mouth and then french kiss you and share his delicious *****. I love the taste of other guys.