Watched Ex With Another Man

Happened a few years ago when I was married to first wife. She was a flight attendant and had left for a trip, or so she said. I had to run some things over to a friends house and on the way I passed by a local Sheraton that was just off the freeway. I had glanced over and it caught my eye as I saw what I thought was her car in the parking lot of the hotel. She had somewhat of a distinctive car, but I thought it was probally someone elses so I kept going to my friends house and dropped of his stuff. On the way back I just kept having this feeling that I should cruise thru the parking lot and sure enough it was her car, had her employee tag on. I thought what the hell, so I went in to the front desk and told them I was meeting my wife here and gave them her name. Sure enough she had registered in her name. The desk clerk gave me the room key and said have a nice day. I went to the bar to have a drink and think about what I was going to do next.
It was kind of turning me on, but at the same time I was devastated by the thought that she was sneaking around behind my back. I think I would have been alright had she said something beforehand as we had discussed an open marriage numerous times. Finished my drink, got in the elevator and went to the room. Did the thing where you stand by the door and listen, felt kind of stupid, but could hear some noise coming from inside. Well, thought ot myself here goes so I used the card key and opened the door as quietly as I could. They hadn't even put the deadbolt on. The curtains were closed so it was a little dark in the room. As I came around the corner where you could see the bed, I froze and then stood there not saying anything. My wife was on top of a guy who we both knew! She was riding his **** and moaning like crazy. I was mesmerized by the sight of her naked body with her breasts hanging down over him. Instant hard on for me. It came to me that it was going to be hard to be angry with a hard on. So I just said her name. They froze right where they were. Didn't say a word, knew they were busted. I guess they were waiting to see what I would do or say. I walked over to my wife and just put my arm around her shoulder and rubbed down her back. She seemed a little relieved so did my friend. I said we will talk about it later, but this is making so horny watching you that I would hope you would continue. I just sat in the chair and watched them ****. When they were done, I had my wife give me a *******. Which was awesome. Then I got up and left. FIled for divorce a month later.

True story.
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What a great story!

nothing giving more overwhelming exquisite emotions!

wow! so hot but so cold!

I'm with you, no matter how hot it was you can't trust her

then why were you discussing open marriage etc with her?

Very interesting story and well told. I do believe I would do the same as you. The idea of watching my wife with another man is a huge turn on. Her doing it behind my back is a huge betrayal and statement about how she really feels about me and our marriage, especially after I have been so open about that she could do it with me.

Nice job. Lesson learned?- keep your head. (no pun intended)

wise thing you did. kept it cool got a bj and divorced later. Lucky you. how is the next wife ?

Would of done the same especially since you were open to an open relationship and she went behind your back.

awesome - especially the part about filing for divorce in a month

She enjoyed it then

I like sharing, but not cheating. Big difference.