cuckold impregnated wife

alitle wile ago my wife and i went to stay over nignt with cathy my wifes friend she is a very open  and sexy woman and allways has male friends over  and that night was no diffrent  sam was about 24 to my reconing and hansome as hell  after a few drinks and an hour or so later cathy whisperd to me to notice the way that ann my wife was was looking at the big bulge in sams pants and i must say this turnd me on as he was the same intrest in my wife who is15years older  but she dresses well  that night she was in alow cut white blouse short black skirt and sheer white panties cathy took me to another room and asked me if iwas arroused at the thought of them together and ireally was  so for the first time my wife was going to be shaged by oanother man  we all went  into cathys bedroom sam was told by me that she was not on the pill  and that the decision how far to go would be hers my wife layed on the bed slowley strriped by cathy as she slowly pulled down my wifes panties she told sam not to hold back but to seed  inside me i said nothing as i was caught in the sex of it all  he mounted her with a gentle action and spent the night with her  after he left in the morning her vagina had been overwelmed with baby milk as i write this her belly is swelling alittle more she is now six months pregnant  anight to remember

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Like the story, my wife and I have a son that is mix I let her have sex with a black man and he got her pregnant.

your grammar and spelling is like a retarded little boy

If the story is true... what can you expect from such an idiot.

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my wife wants to get impregnated by another man who can fill her to the brim with baby seed. im bi so for one she does not want to risk baby ending up gay and secondly because im bi she wont let me *** inside her , i only get to use condom for sex and that includes bj's.

This is a hot story! Personally, my husband and I are looking for a woman who could become his girlfriend and get pregnant by him while I watch! She would sleep with us in bed, he would be in the middle and **** her every night and morning until we are absolutely positive that she is pregnant. We will be there and help her give birth. I want to watch another woman have my husbands baby. I am so excited to find the woman willing to get pregnant while I watch, and have my husbands baby.

I've gotten 3 married women knocked up. Their husbands have no idea. They get caught up in the moment and i just fire the baby making batter deep inside them. 2 of them were in their 40s!

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my husband wants me bred from by someone......... am 18f london<br />

there is something about KNOWING the exact time / place where a superior man put a baby in your wife while you watched. Amazing. Now if the husband was celebate or forced to wear condoms for days / weeks / months or just not allowed to have sex with his wife during the time of the impregnation that would add fire to this hot story. Sheesh.

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Nice breeding by big circumcised ****.

wooww...what's interesting, is there any continue of her "nice experience"....??

She had baby milk in her vagina? How the **** did that get there?