I Cried


Yesterday I watched the dvd  "UP"  and cried so much.....
 yes we do have to move on and start our next adventure

I certainly don't ever plan on re-marrying, but I do think the children and will take a few trips away during the school vacation.

It's a start.   Tobias left us debt free so I'm sure he'd want us to enjoy the life we have now.
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I understand what you mean about company to share these times with.<br />
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I have a female friend who is also alone and she and I do lots of things together, we are great company for each other.<br />
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Neither of us is really interested in re marriage, but have decided to enjoy life anyway.<br />
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Mewold, I pray you and your wife have many more years of happiness and the good health to enjoy them

Yes, I do. she is the light of my life. If I go before her, I would want her, if she found someone, to not stay alone. I think life is so much more enjoyable with someone we love. I know she would still love me, but I would want her to find some else who she could also be happy with.

Thank you Mewald.<br />
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And I understand you have a wonderful lady to share these moments...go do your adventure togrther, have many laughs and create private memories<br />
hugz<br />

I also really loved this movie. It explains that just living life in an adventure when it is shared with someone you love.

I agree sharossody. Pixar turn out some great movies. I also enjoyed the Ice Age movies. BUT This one hit a nerve though!

Me again, I loved this movie, I also cried, but felt better after it. Infact all the so called 'kid' movies I enjoy, there is always a story to them, I think I have more in my library than the others.

No Andrew, my husband waits in Heaven until my earth journey is complete. I am a one husband lady!<br />
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The story is about a couple who share the same dream of adventure to South America. She begins a scrapbook, they marry, and go through life's trials until old age, never having the money to do the "adventure", after she dies He is looking through the book and on the last page notices how she has written a note -- now go on your adventure! Then the movie gets into all the things that happen on his trip including *letting go of stuff* it really moved me and had me crying. Josh still doesn't understand my tears, though I'm sure he has his private moments when he cries.