My Aging Parents Are Completely Broke

Hello, everyone, althought I am pretty sure I am writing this into some virtual void, nontheless, this venting might make me feel better, so what the hell..My constant worring started about 2 years ago..That is when my dad 69 years of age lost his job, my mom has a little part time job that helps with a couple of bills, today she is 67 years old. At the time my parentw owned two properties, in hopes of selling one for profit and paying off the morgage on their home, the tenants abruptly moved out, without a notice and my parents had a hard time renting out the place, they ended up draining their retirement account to be able to pay the motage on both properties.
This is also when the housing market fell, they put the house up for sale and ended up losing 40,000 dollars, so, that being said, they are completely broke. Oh, to make matters worse, to keep them afloat they also incurred 40,000 in cc debt.
My father now feels like a complete loser, he feels as if he has outlived his usefulness, and he is very embarassed about his financial decisions. My mom is in complete denial, they cannot afford to live in the house any longer, she will not hear about moving into an apartment, which at this point too, they can hardly afford.
Since they immigrated to the United States 20 years ago, they only have paid in 20 years of social security. They have worked so hard their entire lives, my dad and mom vere professionals in Latvia, my dad an architect and my mom a bilolgist, they never cared about themselves, always sending the last of everything to their relatives in need. this akes me sick, I am crying as I'm writing this.
My dads social security check is 500, and my moms also 500. So now when I do the math they only have 1000 to live on. I can only afford to help them with 200 per month.
I am afraid my dad might get suicidal, he is constantly on the edge. My husband does not want them to live with us. This leaves me with two options. 1.)divorce my husband and live with my parents in an apartment and pay for rent. or 2) Watch my parents become homeless.
I made some phone calls about low income places, but they have to get on a waiting list, because the county I live in is out of resources and might take up to 8 years to find something. I should feel greateful about my gift of life, but my anxiety/sadness has outweighed my coping mechanism and any sort of emotion associated with pleasure of it. I many time wish that I didnt know anyone or love anyone or anyone loved me, just so I could co into my garage and hang myself off the beam/


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nobody gives as **** as I thought, out of 5 million people, lol