She Couldent Wiat Had Togo

This just happened about 5:00pm  today.(26 of nov) I was out side working on the car i had just finish changing the oil and was cleaning up when my naighbor came home. She pulled in and very quiklyclosed the car door and  ran for her frount  door as she got there she siad oh sh*t. ran back to the car try to open it oh sh*t (now danceing back and forth) oh sh*t Russell she siad as she saw me can you please help I just lock my key in the car. Sure let me get a coat hanger. Ah can I ues your bathroom first i got to pee super bad. Oh sure I opened door and she ran past me she got to the bathroom and with out close the door. She had just got the snap on her jean undone as she siad Oh sh*t and speard her leg started peeing she sat down pant still on and peed.When she was done she pick up a towel and patted her self then wiped up the floor.I take this home and wash it for you. You don't have to just put on the wash I get it later. You sure? Yes I sure put on the wash I get it later.Ok as she walked out she siad guess time to unlock my car. Ok let go as we walk out side. She siad to bad I can't reach my bedroom window I pretty sure it unlocked. Why would that help? Oh sorry I got a spare set of car keys inside. Well let take a look then,As we walked around I could she was very soked and still dripping.l]Looking at the window now I could tell she was right it is unlatched I siad. let boost you up and you can get in. Are sure you what to do that? Sure why not? Well I ah still pretty wet ah more  like soked. That ok, here let me help you up.Cupping my hand. she put her foot in them and I lifted her up as she sild the window open she sat on my shoulder. Then I siad are you reddy? Yes let go. I put my hand on her soked butt and left her in the window. She got in side and siad thank you. Your welcome. Iwalked around to the frount door as she came out she saw in the light my shoulder was wet. Oh my I sorry please take off you shirt I wash that for you. That ok I got it I got to do my wah to night any way as a matter of fact I wash tho pants and panties for if you like.Oh no you do have to do that. You sure Yes yes I sure thank tho. Well I better let get your keys out of the car,and get in side to the bathroom my self. Oh could you help me real quick first get all my groceries.Oh sure as walked to the her car she unlocked it and got her keys out. she then put both set in her pocket. As we grab all her grocery bags all in one load. she lock her car and we head for the house. Just in side I knew I was in trouble as I was knew I had to pee very soon.I set down the bags on the table and could feel a wet spot in my pants. Befor I go may I use your bathrroom? Oh sure. I walk in to her bathroom and pulled down my pants just in time to pee.As I finish and pulled up my pant I had just a bit more leek in to my pants. As walk out she look me right in the crotch, look like had a small accidnet.Yes just a little one but I thinkit only fair I give you a better look as open my pants and showed here my wet underwear. She smiled and siad thank you have a good evening as she gave me a hug.Thank you walk out the she siad your welcome and thank you. My wet spot was not just pee any more.  :0














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I saw my neighbour wet her pants too..It was awesome..She was a little embarrassed,but then I wet myself slightly.just snuff to show a wet spot on my jeans..I said there,now you shouldn't be embarrassed.. She reached over to feel my wet pants,and I also did the same to her...Needles to say, we became very good friends that day..