The Wrong Blue, For The Boys In Blue

I also watched and loved the Magic Roundabout, and was convinced that there was a deeper and subtle message beneath the amusing storylines.

However, this story is one from my dad.

In 1972, a Magic Roundabout film was made, featuring "Buxton the Blue Cat" and had a lukewarm reception by the British cinema going public (I thought that it was brilliant, and saw it several times!However it ran its course and was relegated to being shown as an extra "makeweight" by 1973.

In 1973 a film about American motorcycle cops riding Harley-Davidson Electraglides came out, hence its inspired title; "Electraglide in Blue" My Dad, a senior policeman in the Metropolitan Police Traffic Division, arranged for a viewing at a cinema in Hammersmith, and organised for forty five bike cops and their friends, spouses and progeny (those over 18) to attend a private screening.

Being as how he had the wherewithall, but not obviously abusing his station, he arranged for parking cones to be put out on the appointed day, outside the cinema, for those attendees to park without their colleagues issuing tickets (there has to be perks to every job!) and thus we all trooped into the cinema, having parked within the cones outside.

We all sat and watched "Buxton the Blue Cat" and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of the 90 minutes we got ice creams etc and went to return to our seats.

No sooner had we sat down, the manager very irate backed up by the very menacing usherettes, informed the assembled throng, that unless we left the premises forthwith, the police would be called to eject us!

My dad, and about 35 others produced their warrant cards and said that there was no need to call plod, most of Traffic Division was present now! and what was the problem, we were only waiting for the main feature to start.

The manager then informed us that we had seen the main feature, and would we now please leave as there was several school parties waiting for our seats.

Dad "But we have come to see Electraglide in Blue, we enjoyed Buxton, but surely that was the trailer?"

"No replied the manager, Electraglide in Blue is being shown as a private screening at a cinema in the next street!"

Of course we left immediately, and saw the error, but interestingly, whilst we had missed the film we had come to see, and would have to rebook and therefore pay again, Not one copper or guest asked for their money back!!!

Dad was ribbed mercilessly of course for several months, but all agreed it was a superb film, despite the lack of motorbikes, save Mr Rusty's tricycle.

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You do tell some rather unusual stories, my dear one, and you tell them so well.

Ha ha ha!...That just shows how The Magic Roundabout appeals to adults as well as kids :) It's funny how films you wouldn't consider going to see as a first choice sometimes turn out to be the ones that are the most entertaining.