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The Gist of It

Humans have nearly destroyed their own planet, and upon finding another to exploit, send the corporate rapists and murderers to do their job, using military minions.

Memorable Quote

"You're going to kill children?"

My Take On It

This story is actually about Earth, and its indigenous peoples, and how humans that are mindless savages ravage the planet and murder the people who 'get in their way' when they go for resources. There is no doubt of the parallels drawn to our current situation here on earth. As a species, most of us seem to be oblivious to what is happening, that the forests are mowed down, the plants, people, and animals burned, mulched, and utterly destroyed, then the sought after resource is taken from its rightful owners, now dead. This entails not only the genocide of humanoids, but the destruction of thousands upon thousands of earth's life forms.

The purpose of the military is to follow its leaders into battle mindlessly, without emotion, using the equipment and the proper brainwashing to carry out its corporate master's will. The corporate workers are as mindless, never having a second thought about the destruction they have wrought, only striving for their pay, acting as conscienceless robots. The soldiers aim and fire with glee, shouting 'hoo-rah', as the men, women and children who would run from them if they had a chance, die, victims of cold blooded murder.

The civilization being attacked realizes it must defend itself, but in doing so, becomes the aggressor, the terrorist organization. The military might used to disperse and dispose of real people here on earth in this very manner is bone chillingly horrifying, worse than any force or enemy we could ever imagine, in its mindless quest to please its overlords, the military machine will crush and kill any innocent life that it must to win-to win-for its corporate master who will share the spoils not. Soldiers will die for this quest for riches they will not share in.

The Movie

There is love, there is reverence for the planet mother, there is recognition that all living creatures share in the life of the planet itself. The purpose of all living things is not known, but is respected all the same, knowing it is part of the whole. It is recognized that when something dies, its resources return to the planet, to renew other lives, in other forms. Being in touch with your planet is a good thing, for all sentient beings, allowing for a more fulfilling, enriched life.

And In the End

The evil is crushed, by the perseverance of the people, the corporate machine and the military are destroyed, and the planet is saved from further ravages.

The resource grab is over, and the corporations are allowed to slink back into their holes.

This is not a very likely ending for earth's real life 'movie'. What is in store for us? Much worse, I am afraid, much worse...the hope and resolution at the end of the movie Avatar is just a fantasy that will not sustain us on the real planet Earth.

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Mar 7, 2010