I'm Still An Atheist.....

 but it was a really good movie. i especially liked what richard dawkins said towards the end in his interview. i encourage people who havent seen this film to do so. ben stein does, with such elloquence, point out past transgressions which parallel with darwinism (i dont dare say they were directly derived from it).

either way, good film. i still dont believe in god, i still dont believe it should be taught in schools, but i do believe there is a place where scientific research into our origins and intelligent design will inevitably cross paths; i just hope at that time intelligent design can be ruled out. but inorder to rule it out, one must first consider it a valid view point.....now thats where the controversy lies.....

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A girl posts a story about an "intellectual" film, writes a brief summary of her opinions, and sort of invites conversation on the matter. Yet the 3 comments here are to varying degrees, pathetic attempts to hit on the girl. No comments on the subject matter at hand, just gimmie boobs please. <br />
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