Husband Wanted To Watch Me Being Fondled By A Stranger

  I've been divorced for 6 years now after a 3 year marriage, but during the time our marriage was strong Ron and I discussed our fantasies. We knew each others fantasies quite well until Ron mentioned one of his I hadn"t heard before. He wanted to watch me be fondled by another man. I was very surprised but not grossed out or angry. Since being married I'd only been groped a few times and gave the gropers an angry look although I secretly liked it.
  "Your fantasy is to watch me be groped by strangers/" I asked.
  "Not groped, fondled" he replied.

  "OK fondled. Just let a stranger walk up and grope,er fondle me while you watch."
  "No, what..."
  " You just said you want me to." I snapped, cutting him off.  "What DO you want?"
  " I,  I mean without clothes in the way." Ron stammered.
  "You want me to ***** naked first? I asked in disbelief.
While Ron explained exactly what he meant I recalled the times I was fondled before being married and how aroused and erotic I felt. I was a bit aroused thinking about it now.
  "So thats what I meant. But i'm really sorry. I'll never mention it again." I heard Ron saying.
  "OK . I'll do it" I said with conviction.
  "Do what."
 "Get fondled with out clothes. Now tell me how to get a stranger to do it."
So Saturday morning off we went with a general plan in mind and I was going to wing it with the details. We drove to the beach and walked down to a semi-secluded area where Ron concealed himself behind some bushes. I spread out a blanket and sat in a beach chair. Two people walked by without showing any interest. I was wearing a bikini top and jean shorts over panties. I stood as a man appeared, He smiled and said Hi and I did the same. Before he walked past I asked if he could help set up my beach umbrella which he did and pushed the pole into the sand. I piled sand around the bottom of the pole and made sure to get sand all over my legs and ***. I stood and invited him to sit on the blanket while I stood  before before him brushing sand off but leaving some.I asked him to get get the remaining sand off and he ran his hands up and down my legs.I commented on how nice his hands are. I knelt next to him and complained sand had gotten down into my shorts. I opened them and slid them down to my knees exposing my well-trimmed bush and ***** covered only by sheer panties. I removed the shorts and layed back while he began rubbing off the remaining sand off my thighs withoiut being asked to. I watched the erection growing in his pants. The higher his hands went the more I spread my legs until a finger lightly brushed my puusy. I pushed my ***** toward it and the finger returned as I gave a slight moan and licked my lips. Fingers worked their way into the panties and into my *****.He removed the panties and returned his fingers to my wet *****. I pulled my knees up to my chest and spread my legs wide open for full exposure and penetration. I was being finger-****** by at least 3 fingers, ***** juice flowing all over while I thrust my ***** against the hand tossing my head wildly form side to side loudly urging him to go faster and deeper until with a blinding explosion I came with a chorus of screams while I continued to thrust my ***** up and down the fingers with blinding speed causing aftershocks until I finally collapsed moaning and gasping for air.  When I finally opened my eyes and prooped myself up he removed his shorts and straddled me. His semi-hard penis dangled in my face. I took it in my hand and licked his balls before taking it into my mouth. I sucked him fully hard and he took over, ******* my mouth like it was a ***** until *** exploded out of him filling my mouth, running down my throat and even out my nose. I layed back once again while while *** dripped off my nose and chin and ran out of my mouth.
  Ron and I didn't say a word to each other while we walked back to the car holding hands and smiliing at each other. We didn't have to. We both knew we'd do this again. That night we had hot, passinate sex, but I wasn't thinking about Ron.
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may i ask if you both where so honest and open and willing with your fantasies why are you no longer together id have thought it would have brought you closer together ?

damn thay got me thinking about my friends wife.again

good account 9/10

Thank you for the story , was hot !!


Damn girl. You are one hot woman! Have you repeated this since you have been divorced?

Thanks, great story. You started my day on a good note.

I am going to put up more beach umbrellas

Wow ! what a sexy hot lil **** you are ! your very lucky ur hubby gets into it and allows you to experiement. cool for you . very exciting !

Great Story. We have one not exactly the same but still hot? but true..<br />
Every second sunday morning of the month we have 2 young guys in there early teens come to our house and wash our cars this has been happening for the past 2 years. every time they always ask when they are finished if they can use our pool as it is heated during the winter months, they are both very fit for there ages around 16 or 17ish both have girl friends which sometimes come with them when cleaning our cars. On the day i am talking about they asked if they could stay until mid day as there parents where going out and had no where to go so my wife said if they wanted to earn some extra cash they could clean out our garage and shed which they did when they had finished they asked if they could use the shower in the pool house my wife said yes and that she would bring them some clean towels, by the time she had returned to the shower room they where both completely naked but showed no sign of embarrassment in fact the taller one of the 2 even looked like he was semi erect. she told them when they had finished to go through to the kitchen as she had made a sandwich. I said to my wife why not return the favour in giving them a little surprise which she did. <br />
If you would like me to go into details of exactly what happened the following day let me know.

Details? Yes, please! Please come back to EP and give us some! ^^*

why the **** do you guys do this, is it just for kick giving half a fxxcking story then say if you want the rest of it tell me well *** head of course we do

Would love my wife to do that

well why not ask her maybe she will shock you in her reply

sh1t, what a hot story - i'm hard as hell now!

Love your stories. Can't get enough of them. Thanks and keep posting!!!!

Can I also mess some sand on you?

i think i would take you to tijuana shopping.while you were in the shopping stalls looking at jewelry i would whisper to the prprieter that i thought i saw you take something and tuck it in your skirt. he got angry and went outside. three large mexican police came back with him and roughly shoved you against the counter. they kept yelling at you in spanish but you didnt know what they wanted. suddenly the largest of them tore off your skirt leaving you in your sheer wite panties. a crowd of men were gathering. again the officer yelled at you. you struggled and he cuffed your hands behind your back. when you didnt understand his command the next time , he yanked you up on the counter and ripped away your panties exposing your wet ***** to the crowd. you struggled but he spread your legs wide apart. you could feel your lips gaping open wet in shame and excitement. he stuck his rough calloused fingers deep in you searching for whatever you might have hidden. the crowd cheered to see the american ***** fingered and treated roughly as they had been on the other side of the border. the officer shoved you on your back shoving your kness to your head so that your little rose bud *** was available to him. again he probed deep in to your nether regions to the delight and encouragement of the crowd. when he could find nothing he pushed you naked into the street and threw your ruined dress and panties out behind you. you had to walk back to the border half naked and followed by the taunts and jeers of the men and boys who had watched and seen every bit of you.

Very nice I like that I would love my wife to do the same thing it would drive me insane with lust to watch that