Wife And ***** Poker

We ran into some old friends of ours that we had not seen for many years at the local shopping center. After the usual talking for a while we all decided we should get together for some drinks. The following week they gave us a call and said they were going to a party that some people at their work were throwing and wanted to know if we wanted to go. It was supposed to be a casual cocktail party and even though we didn’t know anyone they convinced us to go. The dress was not formal but we were to dress nice. Stacy wore a nice blouse and skirt with a sexy bra and panties and I wore a nice pair of slacks and shirt. The night of the party we met our friends at their house and then all went over to the party together. When we got there the party was already started and there were about 25 people there, mostly couples with a couple single guys and some single girls there. Everyone was dressed very nice. The house was beautiful with a game room, wet bar and nice backyard. We made our way to the bar and got ourselves some drinks. Our friends then introduced us to a few of their co-workers and we were having a great time. As time went on Stacy and I had gotten separated as we talked with the different people and groups.

I don’t really know what time it was but our friend Kara came over to the group I was talking with and told us  that “things were really getting wild in the other room”. Someone asked what was going on and she said there was a group playing cards in the other room and things were getting wild. I asked her why she wasn’t playing and she just said, “Oh, I can’t play around like that with this group!” I decided I would go and check things out. In the game room, there was a big table and about 7 people sitting and playing cards and a couple more hanging around. Of course, Stacy was sitting at the table with the rest of them. There were 4 guys and 3 girls sitting at the table with a few of us others just standing around. The conversation when we walked in was about the rules of ***** poker. As it turns out, they were talking about what the rules were going to be!

They finally decided that the lowest hand would have to give up a piece of clothing. When they lost the last piece, they had to stand up in front of the whole party and take the last piece off. After they took off the last piece, they had to serve drinks nude to the whole party until the next person lost. Then, the next person that lost had to be the host or hostess. They were supposed to remain naked until the game was over. Even though the guys had the slight advantage, the clothes were coming off in a pretty even fashion. Stacy was down to bra and panties along with another girl when she was finally low hand. A couple of the guys were getting pretty low on clothes too. She decided to go for the bra and the hollering started. She proudly took off her bra and let her **** out for every ones enjoyment. A couple more hands and one of the other girls lost her bra also. She seemed to hesitate for a moment, but finally took her bra off too. Unfortunately, some of the guys had a bad run of luck and one of them ended up losing first. He stood up and dropped his last piece of clothing and then went into the other room to start serving drinks. All of the girls had lost their bra’s by now. As luck would have it, Stacy
finally lost another hand. She stood up to all of the cheers of the table. She peeled her panties down to the roar of the crowd. She then walked around and asked each person for their drink orders bare naked! She then went to the other room and continued to serve drinks for everyone. Unfortunately for her, everyone was doing pretty good in the game and no one lost their last piece for quite a while. She had already served one round of drinks and was working on the second one before someone else had to take her spot. For me it was very exciting to see her walking around completely naked and serving drinks while the rest of us were still very well dressed. One of the other girls had ended up losing and came around to deliver us drinks. Stacy had been serving drinks and ended up naked for all of us for over an hour. It was very exciting seeing her walking around nude with most of the other people dressed. She was certainly getting lots of attention and a lot of looking going on. At some point, the game just kind of fell apart and the girls got dressed. It  was a great party for all of us.
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This sounds like a Party I would want to bring my wife to!

When ***** poker was suggested at a dinner with friends I didn't think my conservative wife would do it but she got into it with gusto. She actually seemed to want to get naked in front of the other husband asking him to looke closely and see if she had any hair on her beautiful chest with hard nipples. He couldn't find a one. The night ended with us swapping wives and continuing to do so for several years. The start of a beautiful relationship!

Would love to work with that group....

I hope my wife gets a job with this group!

A lovely story. Must have been so much exciting fun.

She looks great, I bet it was a lot of fun. Did it make her horny?

Just seeing her in your profile pic, I'd love to play ***** poker with her