A friend of mine told me about this movie. It sounded intriguing so I looked it up. I watched it and really enjoyed it. Some of it was stuff I had seen and most of it I already knew. The part that intrigued me the most was the part about the monetary system. I had been preaching the evils of money for years but didn't realize that it was as bad as it was! I downloaded it and burned it off on DVD. I joined the movement and couldn't wait to spread the message. Well, most people rejected the idea of a world without money. They just couldn't understand how to live without the concept of a world without money. I was disappointed that so many people were so hooked on the system that they couldn't see where it will lead us if we don't change things. Most people think your crazy for even considering it and other though they agreed weren't willing to do anything to change things. I guess that most people aren't ready for a world where everyone is equal and free of the burdens of "slavery". It really saddened me to see how brain dead most people are. I guess that society isn't ready for a world without the "system". I do have hope for mankind, I do think that most people are basically good, just lost and confused as how to live in a world like the one we are in. I do believe that if we can't change things in a major way that we are doomed to extinction. That we will eventually either destroy ourselves or make the planet uninhabitable. It may not happen tomorrow but it will eventually happen and sooner then most people think. Things are changing slowly but surely I just hope that it's not to late!

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It really is sad and frustrating. Some of the friends and relatives understand me while others still think I'm crazy. I see also more and more people realize monetary system doesn't work but also feel hopeless and stuck in it. I think I can eventually live without money. I think eventually people are going to get fed up and stop this nonsense. And things will change and then maybe go back to **** again. I hope not.

That would not be nessecary if everyone had the same. We could all prosisper if we let go of the selfish notation that we need to be better then everyone else. It just a stupd and ulimately self-defeating attitude we have to overcome. It's the western mindset of the "me" generation that thinks I have to be better then them. When we are all in this together and by fighting one another nobody wins. It will be our undoing if we don't get past this and mature as a race. If we continue like it is then we are on a road to extinction! We will have eliminated not only ourselves but most of life here on Earth. It is past time for a change, a big change in the way we treat each other and our planet. We must return to the circle of life before there is none!