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Panty Lovers Are Not The Only One That Are Nervious

oh we think about not quite as non panty wearing guys but we do. The last thing I want is a large group of people's attention to the panties , bra or babydoll nitie. I have gone by V.S. during xmas and sat on one of those benches just to watch the show. I find if a group of guys go in together it is like play time. They pick them up and laugh. Not really sure what the funny part is to them but i think there action are real funny. Then there is the guy by himself who really wants to buy his girlfriend/wife something it wants her to wear for him. He is scared too but with a confused look on his face and when someone finaaly come to help you can see the releif on his face. For me don't really care for V.S. panties and nities not soft and silky enough. But at the same time would not try to buy anything in there at xmas time
ddaawwnn ddaawwnn 46-50, T 9 Responses Jul 17, 2011

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VS is a great place and I'm sure the girls there have seen most everything. I loved there second sink satin line but can't find the style in the stores anymore. I was in there one time looking around touching and holding them up. One of the sales girls walked over and said those are great panties. they fit good and no riding up. I told her I was looking for the high cut second sink satin ones and she said you can still get them on line but they stopped them.

She said try these they are close to them and handed me a pair. I held them up and looked and she asked what color do you like? I told her and she said you look like a 5 or 6. She reached under the table and got a few out. She said here but these others are better and pointed to another table. We walked over there and she found the same size and color and said I really think you will like these better. I put them in my basket and she said matching bra too? I told her no I'm not sure what size she wears. She said that's ok I can measure you here and point too the corner. I blushed a bit and she said it's fine these are great things they sell and theres been a lot of guys that buy for themselves. She walked me over and took my measurements she then asked if I wore faslies and what size, and we went and got me a bra to match them. I paid and thanked her and she said just look for me next time your in. I walked out making a new friend and a smile on my face

its times like this that give a small glimps into what we would like to be a every day event in our lives ....

yes ....very much so ...the wrong people finding out can be extremely bad but may not be bad at all.... what i always try to control is who know does or doesnt know.... that is why we call it being in a closet cause only close people see in our closet ...some of us that are younger dont have the fear as the older generation has cause the young are more aware and less fobia prone ... they have grown up with cd,tv,ab and alike and are more likely to know someone of us

It was quite an experience once when, while my wife was shopping for curtains, I went browsing through the lingerie dept. in a large dept. store, looking for cami's and slips for her and panties for me. A really pretty girl was doing the same and held up two camisoles, one a silver and the other a cream color. She asked which I thought would look better under a sheer vanilla/cream dress. I told her the silver/grey with a matching half slip because the subtle contrast would show off her taste in 'trimming the prize'. I couldn't believe I said that, but she blushed, smiled and said thank you, and bought the silver combo. I told my wife about the encounter and she just said she knows I have good taste. That was a thrilling shopping trip.

I recently ordered some panties online but only because (a) I was too busy to get to the stores and (b) they were having a great "after Black Friday" sale with free shipping. And what I ordered were panties like I already had, so I knew the size I needed and what I was doing was restocking my panty supply.<br />
I live in a smaller city not far from the some larger ones with department stores with greater selection. So when I'm visiting there I go clothes shopping including for male items like dress shirts, sweaters, etc. Making a visit to the lingerie department is therefore no different than if I were to visit the male underwear area as many men might do when clothes shopping. One always needs more underwear. <br />
Since I know my panty size and preferred brands and styles, I shop as I would for my male clothes. I look for things that are new, items that are on special sale and, to me, it's little different than finding that right shirt or sweater in the men's area. <br />
One thing I have noticed now that I've also been - like so many guys these days - buying and wearing girls jeans. I buy them not to be girly, as I tend to select styles that look good and natural on a guy, but because they fit so well. Interestingly, most every time I'm shopping for girls jeans, there are other customers looking through the jean racks as well, and the majority of them are guys! <br />
Now, unlike say lingerie purchases at the holidays or Valentine's Day, these guys are clearly not shopping "for my girlfriend" or "for my wife." They may not be shopping for panties, but what this means is that there are a number of males in the _women's_ clothing area shopping for themselves. <br />
So I've found that when I'm shopping for girls jeans I sometimes also pick up some panties. Standing in line in the women's section with some jeans will hardly get a guy noticed these days, and many would not likely notice I've also got a few panties in my hands. It really makes shopping in the women's department a rather new experience.

for me it has been a few places that i get to try one clothes before i buy them .... they have one thing in common they are a small to med store with owner operator and the owner is gay ....all the experences were great ....... the rest of the time it is know the right size and wait till you get home ...... buying panties is easy when it comes to size ...the rest is always a challenge .....have to beware of arm openings , cut and style<br />
i resntly had was at a target store and i was scouting to see if any new panties had been stocked ( never know when you find that next favorite ) i was holding a pair and looking when a woman came near and said that they are very uncomfortable .... then added but they would look good on you ... i said back i think so to .... she smiled and said again that they are a bad cut and continue to ride up.... i went to say something else when a guy came up and said to her honey we have to go ... i didnt know what to do at that point .... my heart was racing and i felt like i had just got caught taking my sister panties when i was young .... i must have been white as a paper<br />
still wish it happened more often<br />

I never looked at it like you said but it all make sense. Do you try on some outfits in the store to. I would love to be in a store and be able to try out different outfits to see if they look good or not.

i grew up shopping for panties with my mom. so, i got over all of those silly inhibitions about what people would "think" or say, at a very early age. and yes, i also have many great memories of seeing other teenage boys in the lingerie department, while me and my mom were shopping. knowing what i liked about wearing frilly petticoats and silky panties of that era. i could only assume, that they were there to buy for their own use. at that age, i didn't relate to the nervous and scared looks on their faces.<br />
<br />
i was almost 19 years old when my mom passed away, and i had to finally learn how to change my own diapers and dress myself for the first time. that's also when i finally got to shop for more sexy looking lingerie and outfits with the mini-skirts that had become the fashion of the time. i always got a thrill, whenever i would spot a likely crossdresser or sissy type guy shopping in the lingerie or women's clothing department. and as often as i would come up and offer to help them. most of them would become so ashamed or embarrassed, that they would suddenly run off. a pitty, because it happened so quickly, that i rarely got a chance to share why i wanted to help them.<br />
<br />
oh, for those of you "wishing" you could "find" a girl or woman that would be willing to understand why you like to wear those silky things. try changing your train of thought. instead of "hoping" and "wishing" you could "find" one. go out with the intent on "catching the attention" of a girl/woman who has a "thing" for guys who get off on wearing lingerie or dressing up etc.. and trust me, there are a lot of women out there who DO get off on being with such guys. just ask my wife!<br />
<br />
had i not been out and about enjoying what i liked wearing. i would never have "caught the attention" of a woman who found it very arousing and interested in knowing more about ME! <br />
<br />
but, it takes getting over your silly inhibitions about being seen or noticed! because you will need to go out wearing something or showing a little "bait", to catch their attention. and when you do catch their attention, you need to be cool and confident and prepared to share your interests and desires etc.. <br />
i could go on, but i don't have the space here. so, if you're interested in knowing more, feel free to contact me. i enjoy corresponding via email with anyone with questions or whom shares common interests and experiences.<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
<br />

Alice, I agree with you completely! I too was very nervous when I first started buying my own feminine clothing. I found that the more I did it, the less I cared about being seen. I also found that it was easier to shop if I was dressed as a girl. I love to go to a pretty, young saleswoman, they don't seem to be bothered by my feminine appearance or my feminine purchases. I prefer not to go to a male salesperson or cashier, I just feel less comfortable with them.
Love, Patti

sometimes youi have to look to the positive side. there you are in sears ( or other store) you are looking over the selection of panties. ( we do this in the first place like looking for the canned peasin the isles of a gocery store} and you spot what looks so nice and the nned to touch comes apon you. You look around to see who might be looking. then you make your move to get closer. I use to feel like a vulture circling and getting closer and closer to my food. if anyone was watching you already look out of place. you finally get to the rack you are looking at and get a close look. once again look to see who is looking. then the feel. does it if feel as good as it looked. now your want is high and all that is left to do is get the size you need. you got the size and color and eady to actually pick the pairs off the rack. and you look around again. you have already made it clear who the panties are for YOU.<br />
anyway. <br />
now this is how i see it now. each time is a chance to meet a woman who may like it that i wear panties. you never know where you will meet a friend.<br />
another suggestion is to have a wedding band in your left pocket ready to put it on if needed. but non panty wearing men have been buying sexy things, hopefully to get them to wear. I know i did when i was married. So dont be ashamed or embarrassed to by something sexy.

I think most of us buy by mail or on line. Its not that it wouldnt be a thrill to just stand there and look at the goodies tho . We just have trouble working up the nerve to do it since most of us are in the closet and have this fear of being found out by the wrong people.