I Love Watching Men *** Too!

Even better if you're the reason why. :)
bamaswitch bamaswitch
46-50, M
11 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Omg I love watching men ***! I love watching his face as he's about to *** and watch his body tense up. I love watching his **** start throbbing as *** starts exploding from the tip of his ****. I love watching all the *** shoot out of his **** it's one of the sexiest sights ever.

You can make me *** anytime!

I love to watch men ******** esp. long distance *** shots!!!

Me too!

Amen! What a wonderful site...watching his balls tighnten up, that tight **** head drip precum, then that deep throbbing push...then helping him squeeze out every last drop. Oh yeah!

I also luv making men come and watching and licking it all up and cleaning him off with my tongue.

*** with me sendittome!

me please!!!!!!!!!!!

I've made a few men ***, but no one lately. Any volunteers?

I've made two men ***, in a mmm!