Watching Mum Going To The Toilet

I started to like watching girls going to the toilet in junior school It was always one of those things where you get challenged to do some thing, you are dared to do something. I sneaked into the girls toilets and the challenge was to stay hidden in a toilet cubicle throughout the play-time. I found that I liked to hear the splashing of pee into the toilet bowl, I got bolder everyday I sneaked in until I was peeping over the partition and actually seeing the girls with their knickers down having a pee. I started to hid in park toilets just to get a thrill from listening and seeing girls going to the toilet. One day, it was about a month after I first found how exciting it was that a girl had a poop. From that moment, hearing her grunting to go and plop plopping into the pan I was even more excited.

This [fetish] started as I said in junior school when I was nine/ten years old. But as I got older my desire increased until one day I heard a friend of Mums, a woman named Alice telling my Mum she had to dash. This was in my home and I already liked Alice, she was a kind woman, always gave me a sweet or a piece of chocolate when she called in. Hearing her say that to Mum and seeing her from my bedroom door dashing past towards the bathroom mad em so hard instantly. I crept up to the bathroom door and could hear her pooping quite loudly. I was thirteen and already ************ a lot, especially in the girls toilets at school, I was so hard listening to Alice that day, and thinking of trying to see her. I turned the doorknob but alas it was locked and I heard Alice calling, "Is that you Gilly?" [that;s my mums name]. I spluttered an answer, "Sorry, Alice, its me." I remember her answer even to this day, "Sorry, Francis, I'm doing number two, I'll be a few minutes yet." I went back to my bedroom and sat ************ through my trouser pocket. About three or four minutes later Alice stood in the doorway smiling at me, "Okay, bathroom is free now honey." She didn't wait for my answer but went downstairs. I went to the bathroom and bolted the door, the smell of her poop was still in the air and I took my pants down and sat on the warm toilet seat. Thinking that moments ago her lovely bum was sitting there, needless to say I *** almost without touching myself.

Since then I have been able to listen to all Mum's friends and have [accidentally] on purpose seen a couple. But the best was seeing my Mum on the toilet, I apologised and backed out but listened to Mum as she had a nice long poop, three/four minutes, then I heard her wiping her bum and *** as I imagined me doing that for her. Incredibly now I am even more bolder and get into the toilets in Taunton, Bristol, and Bath, some quite busy, but I guess the excitement, the thrill are all worth the danger of getting caught. In any case I have discovered that my apology of mistaking the ladies for the gents is always accepted.
frankincense10 frankincense10
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012