Admired His **** Spreading Her Wet *****.

I've posted this on another person's experience board so I thought I'd share it on one of my own.


We finally found a guy we trusted to play with us online. He is married and loves her but their sex lives are dull.

 He arrived at our house as arranged and we sat and chatted over a glass of wine. My wife was wearing a house coat with a teddy bear outfit under it with no panties. I was wearing a house coat as well with nothing on under it. It appeared that he felt a little nervous so we started by telling him that there was a house coat in the guest washroom for him. When he came back we sat and continued to chat.

As the first hour was coming up, my wife started letting the housecoat open more and more and sat with one leg up on the couch so her ***** started showing more and more. I could see his **** starting to tent in the house coat which got her to remove her house coat totally. He now saw her with this sexy outfit on and a very sweet, tight, shaved ***** now winking at him.

He looked at me and I just up and said, "well man, it's calling you, what are you waiting for?" He stood up, took off his house coat to reveal a **** as long as mine but a bit wider. Her smile just beamed now. He got on his knees in front of her, she straightened out and opened her legs for him. He put his mouth on her ***** and began to lick and suck her hot "very wet" *****.

I moved over and began deep kissing her as she stroked me. After about 10 minutes of this, I suggested we go out to our "neighbor protected" hot tub area and continue this. We went out and she sat on one of the chairs, as did he. I watched as she went over to him and kneeled in front of him and began to suck his "very hard, leaking" ****. I was now leaking badly as I watched her suck his whole **** down to the hilt, back and forth. I could see her ***** was dripping now onto the deck, and she now couldn't restrain herself anymore.

She stood up, stradled her legs around his and he stopped her. He pulled out a condom from a bag he brought with him and put in on, then she lowered herself onto his ****. His face looked like he was going to pass out from the ecstasy, and I was now stroking myself in front of them. She was now riding him heavily and moaning with pleasure. I could hear the wet sucking sounds of his **** moving in and out of her extremely wet ***** and the sound of their skin slapping as she landed on his lap on the downstroke.

I moved closer to them and she grabbed my **** and stroked it at the same time she rode him. He then surprised me by taking my **** from her hand and put it in his mouth. I was so dammed horny by this time, that I didn't care, and her face lit up even more. He then took my **** out of his mouth and started slowly stroking me as her very wet ***** was pounding down even harder on his **** and balls. This was the final thing it took for her to have a very big ******. She groaned very loudly and said in a hot voice "I'm going to ***". He said "oh damm, me too"!

Hearing them both say this, I now couldn't hold it any more and said "oh hell, here it comes and pulled out of his hand and pumped myself hard and sprayed both of them with more *** than I think I've ever seen me unload ever.

She slid off of his **** and gave him a quick kiss and whispered "thank you". She then went into the house to clean up, he followed her and went into the guest bathroom to do the same, and I followed her as well. We all met in the kitchen redressed. We both told him that we would like to continue this as an ongoing friendship and he agreed. She gave him another quick kiss and fondled his **** through his jeans and winked at him while saying, "don't forget to bring my toy with you"!

He grinned and looked at me and said, "thank you for a very good time" to which I replied "no, thank you, you made my millennium as I'm sure you did for her too" and laughed.

He left and he wasn't gone for more than 5 minutes and we were naked again and ******* like rabbits out on the deck again. Wow!

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Great story. Wish I was him!!

wow, excellent story. Would love to visit!

damn such a great story, i'd love to see her spread ***** too. add me

Great story, thanks for sharing!!

Hot stuff thanks for sharing!

Very hot and detailed story.

I'll put more stories on here of our "meatings" sometime soon. lol ;)