My 2nd Watersports Experiance

My next WS experience was with a woman I booked from an online forum. She had listed ws as a likes on her profile but I was still not sure if this would be on offer. I rang ahead and confirmed my wishes which I was delighted that she agreed to, I was greeted by the lady and she very slim and tamely dressed we sorted out the financials and she left me in the bedroom while she popped off to prepare. Shortly afterwards she returned in a very sexy short dress and stockings, we started with reverse oral my favourite whilst down there I mentioned the WS and I then said I had a particular request that she fills a glass up for me to drink, she found this amusing but agreed and she led me to the bathroom were she squatted over the toilet and duely filled a half pint glass (wish it had been a pint) and handed it over, with a slight grimace/smile on her face. I slowly supped the drink savouring the flavour whilst gazing at the lovely slim blonde 

The drink had an effect on my fella as it sprang to attention, the lady knelt in front of me and started to suck me off, needless to say I did not last long and dumped my load into her mouth, she duely swallowed the lot, I was quite suprised as I had not expected this, she said well got to return the favour don't I 

Wonderful punt that will live long in my memory. Will post my next experience soon when I booked in to see a domaminatrix


sussexnick sussexnick
41-45, M
Feb 15, 2010