A Great Love Hurt Was Saved and Blessed

When I worked at SCADD, I had a friend that was badly hurt, but was greatly saved, loved, and blessed. This friend of mine had married a man that she loved, and took care of. She worked very hard to put this man through college. She paid all his college tuition, and she paid all their living expenses bills. After he graduated from college, and he got a wonderful dream job that he studied for. After He had gotten all He wanted he turned around, and destroyed her life. This man hurt her beyond hurt her. He rejected her, he threw her out of his life, he hated her, and burned her beyond burned her. He took everything away from her, including her children. Some of you know who I am talking about. I never met anyone so sweet as her. She was the nicest person you could ever meet. She worked in a office next to mine. We would work together, and have coffee breaks, and lunch together. She was a blessing to all at SCADD. She loved and blessed all she could. She was certainly the best Godly Angel you could ever know. This friend of mine died by an unfortunate accident. When they had a funeral for her, thousands came to her funeral. Just as many as a famous person, senator, or congressman. She certainly was greatly loved and missed. Everyone that knew her loved her. Everyone was in great mourning when she died. I will never forget this special friend of mine. Some people get down on me about being a lower and inferior woman. I know a lot of woman that have loved and given all with all their heart. All know that this friend of mine was saved, loved, and taken care of by all those who loved her. Some of them have been greatly hurt too. They went to reach out to others to love and care for others. I go by a persons heart. Not their sex, or social status. I will always remember this special friend of mine. I know this friend of mine is an Angel being by the throne of God loving and praising Him. I know my friend is praying for me, and for all of us. Even if you have been badly burned, and hurt there are people that will Love and be the best friend Angel of love filling you with Holy Godly Love,Forever! .
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
Jan 22, 2013