Sharing My Wife With Black Men

I have been a swinger for many years. During my first marriage of 27 years my wife and I swung many times. I particularly liked sharing her with black men. I don't know why.
I married my current wife twenty years ago. I am twenty years older than she is. She is a beautiful Filipina. Petite at 5-0 and 105 pounds. Small hips, small waist and small vagina. When I first suggested to her that I wanted to share her with a black man she was very frightened. She thought black men's penises were too big for her.On a trip to Washington, D.C. I took her to a nice night club where there were some single black men. We struck up a conversation with a young, good looking black man. While my wife was away from our table for a few minutes I asked him what he thought about my wife. He said he thought she was really "hot". I asked if he would like to come back to our hotel room and have her. He said yes immediately. My wife didn't want for us to bring him to our hotel room. When we got to our hotel room he was a bit shy and so was my wife. So I slowly undressed her for him. He also undressed. He was huge and my wife was afraid he was too big for her. I rubbed some lubricant around her at the appropriate places and he spread her out on the bed. He could only get in her a little ways. He gave her some soft, short strokes and as he stroked he got deeper and deeper. My wife began gasping and he asked if she was ok. She said ok. He gradually got all the way in her and he was very vigorous.
Since that time I have shared her with many black men some who were very big. She has always managed to take the biggest all the way in.
I have no idea why I enjoy watching her do this. Does anyone know why so many men enjoy sharing their wives with black men?
Jimmurph Jimmurph
70+, M
1 Response Oct 23, 2012

I just enjoy seeing jan having fun & being pleasured by what she likes the most, I satisfy her with my 7" but you should se her face when she has 11" in her,,, its heaven for us both. Trev