A Baby

I'm 24 years old, and for some reason I wanna be a daddy... My dad left me when I was 3 years and my Mom was in abusive relationship all her life and I was beaten everyday of my childhood, WELL i wouldn't call it childhood More like beat hood... Everyday I ask'd why me? Why do we live like this? Back in 2003 my dad came back and he didn't know my name! Can you believe that he didn't know my name! He died 3 weeks later I didn't go to mourn him I was kinda happy he was gone... But that's still my dad no matter how I put it! I made a vow I would never leave my kids EVER!! If the mother of my child move away to a new state or country I'll be right behind them No lie! I really wanna be a daddy tho anytakers :)
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I hope all men same wid you :) no matter what happen never leave der kids ..:)

ah.. I wish I had a dad like you... but mine left me when I was 3 or so... and I still crave for him because I feel if he had been here for me, he would have protected me from all those demons of my childhood.

IKR But we just have to not the same mistake ever!

I too was abused as a child and I always told myself that if I ever have kids, I would do everything in my power to make sure they NEVER have the kind of childhood I did. I sometimes daydream about being a dad. The father of twins weather they be sons or daughters xD

You must be a very strong person, most people who were abused as children never want children themselves.

You gotta find the right lady first :) Once you have a kid, you'll be involved with that girl for the rest of your life! Make sure she's a good one