We Are Told Water Formed On The Earth,due To Meteorites Hitting The Earth And Bring Ice.

so how much water would form in 4 billion years if each day and hour ,for that time ,so if each meteorite was to drop 10 Lr of water every day,for 4 billion years,or every hour for 4 billion years ,how many Lt's should be on the earth in both these times ,so now we look at the facts, there is 365 days in one year so it is 365 times 4 billion which is 1 trillion 460 billion days  in 4 billion years,so 10 Lt's of water per day would be 14 trillion 600 billion Lt's of water for 4 billion years,now if those same meteorites were to drop 10 Lt's of water every hour ,for 4 billion years ,how much water ,would be dropped ,so for that we first need to look at how many hours there is in 4 billion years, so all we need to do is do 24 times  1 trillion 460 billion days to get the hours ,so the answer is we do first 24 times 460 billion which is  11 trillion and 40 billion add to this 24 times 1 trillion  which is 24 trillion so this gives use a total of 35 trillion and 40 billion hours in 4 billion years, so now we look at 10 Lt's of water per hour ,which is 10 times 35 trillion 40 billion  do the 10 times 40 billion first ,which is 400 billion  we add this to what is 10 times 35 trillion this gives us, a total of 350 trillion 400 billion Lt's of water ,for 4 billion years going by 10 Lt's of water every hour ,for 4 billion years, so learning is fun ,so enjoy.more fun learning story's.so by this evidence,the water in the sea,and the Oceans ,can not just have come from ,Meteorites, the only other way this can be done,was hot air ,going up to cold air,were we get water,to fall as rain,but it would be a very strong acid rain,and our sky ,would not have been blue,it would have been yellow,and very hot, and wet.
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Mar 4, 2011