The Three Parts of Me

When I used to meditate, and search myself to determine who I was, and what there one about humanity, I realized that there are three sides to ourselves. Ironically in religeon, there is a concept called the trinity, but this is not the concept that I am speaking of. The trinity in religeon is part of the spirtual/emotional side of our selves. The three parts of self are the physical, spiritual, and intellectual. All three are interact with each other, and we must attend to all three to be healthy. No one is more important than the other. When we lack in one, it is because we have chosen, or circumstances have forced us to focus or compensate by engrandizing ourselves in one or two of the other areas. The physical is all that we can see, hear, touch...well...the 5 senses. The spiritual is a variety of levels of experiencing emotions and our concern not only for ourselves but others outside of ourselves. The intellectual aspect is the understanding, and the ability to manage what we understand. When all three "arms" "heads" elements aspects of self are strong, they help one another to grow stronger. It also allows us to live healthier lives with ourselves, others, and whatever spirit world we have discoverd or decided to participate in. Much research needs to be done in the physiology and psychology of the brain, but already we are aware that not everything within the body "touches" other parts to be able to interact and influence it, so there is, so to speak an "arching" between the mind the body and spirit. So we still have no idea of truly understanding what, for now, we only know how to refer to as the "spirit" world or "karma". Just a thought, I felt the need to share.

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