This Is Wht We Do In Our Entire Life

when we r in school there is always pressure of studies

our  parents say to us baby this u r tenth grade the last year of ur school so plz study after this u will be free we will not say u anything

then when we r in college our parents say baby now ur in 12th this the last year of ur college do u r studies after this u will be free

than we go to degree college our parents say to us baby this is crucial year if u don't study that u wont get job so study well so u get good marks and then after this u will be free

the truth is that we r never free

then mother says to us baby now its time for u to get married and after this u will be free

then we do wht they say and after a  year

we have a child and we work for our child so they can study and when our child goes to tenth grade we all repeat the same cycle once our parent did to us and thus the life goes on and when we become old and look back at ur life to see wht we have done then we realize that we did nothin for ourself we never did wht we wanted to do but now we dont have time to do becauz we r at end our life journey so plz dont, listen to other live the life like u always wanted to




kagome30 kagome30
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010