Bisexual Couples

we are a new couple and looking to explore new and exciting sex with others we are shy to start with so come play and show us how to do it we are on  
  and say hi we dont bite very hard lol
joanqqq joanqqq
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 2, 2011

hello , is a great dating site for bisexual, bi-curious singles and coulpes, welcome to join us

Hi pretty lady. We're new on this site. :-)

Any where by Michigan. I was on and didn't have much luck on it. Couples looking for a bi man to play with would send me a message but that was it for the most part. I was part of a bi couple for over 18 years and enjoyed it a lot. What is it you want to see two men do to each other ?

we are a bi couple looking for same in there 40s

we are a bi couple