Our One Unfunfilled Fanasy: To Watched Each Other Take A **** In The ***

Ok, ok, we probably will never do this because we do not play much any more but it is still very high on the list of things that get us fired up. First of all we both love anal play, both doing it and receiving it. Debi had never had anyone play with her *** before me but as it turns out she **** very quickly and hard with almost any type of anal play. She soon figure out that I liked it also and soon wanted to use toys, and later strap ons on each other. It is wild that when she is wearing a strap on she **** just like a guy might if I suck it or she pushes me over a table, bed, etc. and stretches my *** with it. Her next idea was to "make" me bend over for one of her boyfriends, and we have done that a few times and it is so hot to watch her reaction to it that it was well worth any reluctance I might have had. The next evolution of anal fantasy we developed was for us to be on our hands and knees facing each other watching/feeling some big **** stretch us out together and then watching and feeling the two guys unload their lust in us at the same time. Haven't done it, probably won't now but it is still very high on our bucket list. Anyone other couple do things like this?
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Sep 8, 2012