My First Time

This is a true story ,It happened when I was in the service. I was stationed in Calif.I had came from a small town in Michigan were if you were  Bi sexual or even gay no one would have known,those little dark secrets that no one talked about. I became very good friends with my Sgt and his wife,she was a 5ft 1in little blond that had a body of a goddess.One day he invited me over to help him fix  his jeep and drink a couple of beers,after we worked on the jeep his wife asked if I wanted to stay for dinner and I said yes to a home cook meal.We had been drinking most of the day and I was feeling the afects of the booze in my crouch. The Sgt wife Terri would come over and bend down in front of me and give me a great shot of her ****,then look up at me and smile. After dinner Mike (The Sgt) ask if I wanted to stay for a movie. Well when they put the movie in it was a ****,now I am 18 at the time and my **** got hard as a rock. Terri came over and sat in between Mike and I and started to rub herself  then started to rub Mike and I, Mike looked at me and said it was OK,He started to rub her ***** and she opened her top and told me to suck her ****. She stood up and started to do a ***** tease, when she was naked she looked at both of us and said to *****. Mike and I are both naked and she starts to give Mike head right next to me, Terri looked up at me and ask if I wanted some head and I said Hell yes,next thing I know Mike is going down on me and Terri is just watching. Man did he feel good ,she came over and sat on my face (first shaved ***** I ever had) Well it did not take me long to *** and he swallowed all of my ***. Terri and Mike began ******* right next to me and I was hard in a minute, Terri looked at me and ask if I wanted to try sucking Mike and I though what the hell,I got on my hands and knees in front of him ansd started to lick and suck him while Terri watched and played with herself.I was having so much fun with Mikes **** that I did not see Terri get behind me and start playing and licking my ***.  She stuck a finger in my *** and I came again and very hard then Mike came in my mouth,I could not swallow all of his *** so Terri came up and helped me clean him up. Well I spent the weekend with them and there was not much we did not try that weekend.That was my first Bi expereince but not the last. I love being Bi

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8 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I'd love for that to happen to me. You're one lucky guy!

nice story bit like my exspriencs. mmm )

your story is getting me hard thank you

I am glad you like the story. Make me hard when I still think about it

Thanks for sharing, what a great weekend!! You have my **** hard!!

That was a great story, I have known I was bi since I was 16, yet at 34 I haven't figured it all out. Maybe someday.

When we suck Patrick it's like a competition between me and my wife.

Yes I did it really opened my eyes to being Bi