Occasional Swingers

My wife and I are "Light Swingers", meaning we don't make the Lifestyle central to our relationship, but our marriage IS open. When we had been married for a few years (second time for us both) she let it slip that she had thought about it, (we'd been talking about a couple we know who does swing.) Long story short, I got the ball rolling and we looked into a couple of sites. We laid our ground rules and found a few potential guys. The rules are as follows:

She can **** whoever she wants.
Any and all action is filmed and photoed, whether I'm there or not, for my enjoyment.
Condoms for penetration below the waist.
Facial pop shots!

Pretty much that's it. Anything goes. As I said we found a few guys locally and she's hooked up a few times. One or two in particular we both had A LOT of fun. I would film and jump in for DP as I wanted, and she got to suck and **** her way to a great ******. We don't make it a central part of our life, moderation! In fact it's been around 6 months since her last hook-up. I've encouraged her to go out. She says she will soon. We'll see. If there's any interest expressed I'll post our past / future exploits here. Let me know!
DawsonGardner DawsonGardner
46-50, M
May 13, 2012