Young Gf And Open Legs In The 70s

I miss the 70s. Sex, pot and partying were the norms for everyone. We all worked hard during the week then let loose on Friday and Saturday. From 1973 -1976 I had a GF 4 years younger than myself. She had only one **** in her before we met and started dating, so she was open and curious to new things, especially anything sexual. I could get her to do anything sexual, except anal sex. Many Friday nights at my house was a party, often going into Saturday as well. I got her, Cathy, to let my buddies **** her. She loved having another **** in bed with us, one of them being Jon, the first guy that I ever sucked off, that being when I was 16 and he was 17.Everytime that the three of us were in bed together, Jon and I would take turns ******* Cathy and sucking each other which Cathy loved to watch. Our ********** lead to her letting some other friends of mine **** her and then on to ********* with 3 or 4 buddies and myself ******* her all weekend. After about a year of this, Cathy and I met a couple, Mark and Wendy, who were a few years older than me. We all hung out together, partied together and became good friends.They broached the subject of mate swapping which Cathy and I had never done, but we were open to it. All this time I had shared Cathy's **** with my friends but had never thought of getting into another *****. Wendy was very cute, much better looking than Cathy, so the idea of getting to **** her in exchange for Mark getting into Cathy's panties was a no brainer. We started by swapping in separate rooms, then eventually ******* in the same room, then the ultimate, ******* side by side on the same bed. It was such a turn on to watch my GF take another man's **** into her **** while I was in his wife's big, wet, aromatic **** and thinking that I was getting the better deal. One night while swapping, Cathy was making more than her usual amount of noise. Wendy said "Do you want to do me that way?" I replied "What way?". Wendy told me that Mark was ******* Cathy in the ***, and that she,Wendy, loved to be assfucked. Wendy had me pull my **** out of her **** and work it into her ******* with only her **** cream for lube. I got to **** a woman in the *** for the first time that night, saw my GF assfucked, Mark and I washed each other's ***** and sucked each other as we had many times before, and did it all again the next morning. Swapping in the 70s was fun. Now get this, Cathy never let me **** her *** although many men got to, we broke up, she married a Subaru saleman, had a little boy, left them, moved to LA and is now a full blown lesbian! I'll wager that she is getting assfucked by an illegal alien dyke right now!
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Dec 3, 2012