Bikinis In College

While I was in college, I began wearing men's cotton bikini underwear. They were starting to become more popular with more guys, and I'd always wanted to try them. I knew other guys in my dorm wore them because I saw a few of them in the laundry room.

I headed out to a local department store in search of my new undies one Saturday. I wound up buying six pairs with one inch sides in various colors. I think they were black, white, grey, light blue, navy blue and red. I couldn't wait to get back to my room to try them on.

As soon as I got back to the dorm, I took everything off and put the black ones on. I loved how snug they were and how they looked on me. The pouch was more than enough to cover me up and my rear was almost completely covered. I'd say it was about 85% coverage. I decided to lay there on my bed and listen to some music. I had fallen asleep for about an hour when my roommate walked in. There I was in nothing but my bikini on top of the linens. He took one look and said, "Nice panties." I thought, "Thanks, you jerk." I'd be willing to bet he wanted to wear them too, but was not man enough to do so. It was getting towards dinner time, so I got dressed and headed out.

When I returned, I again took everything off except the bikini. I planned on heading downstairs to the common area to hang out later. When I decide to go, I opted to go in just the bikini. I figured the girls in the dorm were running around in their one piece swimsuits or little cut offs and tube tops, so I should be OK since I was showing anything illegal anyway.

It was exhilarating walking down the hall to the stairs. I loved the feel of the cool air on my skin and that I was almost nude. I entered the lounge and everyone immediately looked at me. I guess they couldn't believe I was just wearing my undies. I sat down next to someone I knew and chatted and watched a little TV. I think I was down there for almost two hours when I decided to go back up.

I lived on a co-ed floor and stopped by the room of a couple of girls I knew. They leave their door wide open when they are in. I got there, and they were talking with a couple of other girls from the dorm. I could tell they all liked what they saw because they were all smiling and invited me in. These dorm rooms are small so there's no place to sit. I wound up sitting on one of the beds. We all talked and hung out for quite a while. One of the girls slid next to me and asked if I was cold and then put her arms around me. I could feel myself straining against my undies. Her soft touch and her hair brushing against my skin was too much for me. I said, "It's getting a little cool (which it was)", and put my arm around her. I couldn't believe I was there practically rolling around with a beautiful girl.

I had to excuse myself and get out of there before I lost control and embarassed myself. I'm sure all of them knew what they were doing to me. I took care of business and then took a shower. Afterwards, putting on a new bikini and heading back to my room for the evening.

I wound up acquiring many, many more pairs of those cotton bikinis and spent the rest of my college days in my dorm in those things. It was usually warm enough to wear them alone most of the year and when it was cold, the heat was turned on. The girls I hung out with were always dressed. I never really spent a lot of time with the ones that wore the one piece bathing suits around. I guess they were hanging out with the guys. I think I had a lot of female friends in college because I was will to shed my inhibitions and do some out of the ordinary which they also enjoyed. Whatever the case, I had a great time in college.
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I went to school from 95-99. Same here except I wore the men's Frederick's of Hollywood bikinis... leopard, zebra, awesome colors... well made and comfortable! Wish they still carried them. If I had known then, I would have stocked up! Most guys I was in college with wore boxers or colored briefs.