I Love My Bras

Don't you just love colorful bras? I love my red, green, deep blue, chocolate and other colored bras. Always nice to have a choice in the morning which bra to wear.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Color coordinating with my panties for the day - brings a sissy smile to my face.

Yes!. with the help of my mom of course..she is happy with my breast now as i can use her old blouse which did not fit now her anymore!

You have a great mom!

Really i also love to be a bra, before one year ago when i started to wear it my cup size was 34A wearing it 24x7x365 now my breast flesh has stretched a lot and it is got a round and cupfull shape and finally turned now in to 36c/d.<br />
now i apply estrozen hormon as well as have a breast massage oil so that it tighten the round shape.<br />
I also have some other kinds of bra which i like to wear with other lingerie and still people say me a straight guy!

Congratulations on your breast growth. Yours is quite a substantial enlargement.Have you purchased new bras for your larger size?