Feeling So Girly!

As a lifelong cross-dresser I dress every chance I get and in just about every situation. Whether it is a pair of capris and a t-shirt doing housework or a dress and heels going to church I feel feminine and demure. To me one of the most feminine articles of clothing is a bra. When I dress the first thing I do is my make-up and wig then pull on my panties however I truly start to realize how feminine I am when I reach behind and hook up my bra.

Now with breast-forms you can glue on the feeling is even more heightened. I have two sets now, one is for a 38C bur the others are a 38DD. With my "big-uns" as I call the 38DD's glued on I love the feeling as I lean forward and shake "the girls" to get them to lay properly in my bra cups like my mother used to do as I fumble with the 3 or even 4 hooks on my bra. "God how I love being a girl!
LaceyLisa LaceyLisa
61-65, T
2 Responses Jul 5, 2012

I just adore the way a bra feels cupping my little breasts. I fill an A cup, but wish the wife was supportive so I could get a bit larger.

To me, there is nothing like a cute little bra to make you feel really feminine.