I Now Need The Support

I starting wearing bras years ago. I am a transwoman am my breasts are growing quite nicely. I am now a full A cup and growing. These days I wear a bra not as statement of my true gender but because I have too. It is doing my confidence a lot of good to be able to fill out the cups with my own flesh and blood breasts
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4 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Good luck Paula!!!

I grew a full B and may need to try a larger bra as there is no room left in the cups. The bra supports and prevents the sensation of fatiqued breasts. The bra also makes breasts more visible and pronounced. But I do not wear a bra at the gym, and the jiggling if using the treadmill is visible--women smile at me obviously concluding i may be more like them?

Great for you and a cool story, Donn. No doubt the women at that gym get a kick out of seeing your jiggle ... they can certainly relate to it, as I can, and that is why when I exercise I wear a sports bra.

Hi Paula, That is a great confidence builder.

Good for you Paula. I too wear a bra because I need the support and now that I am a B-cup (my wife thinks I should try a C-cup next time I buy bras) I don't particularly like the bounce going bra-less. But I agree, it is nice to see and feel my own breasts filling my bra cups.