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My wife likes me wearing bras and I love the feeling they give me. I feel so much more feminine with the constant reminder that I am a sissy. The fact that some people may be able to see my bra straps adds to my excitement. I feel so daring to show such an obvious sign of my sexuality. It is hard to describe my feelings but this is the next best thing to cross dressing in public. I would never dare to do that. At home I wear a 40C bra, with "falsies" filled with bird seed. I always wear tight fitting ultra feminine tops when my wife and I are alone and we both enjoy behaving like two girl friends.
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Awesome, Cynthia and yes, like you, no matter what outer clothes I am wearing I always wear a bra. Honestly you should buy a pair of prosthetic breasts in a C. When you try them they will look and feel very much like natural breasts and I suspect you'll then wonder why you stuck with bird seed. And I also suspect your wife will like then better too.

I wear a bra almost all the time especially in winter when I can hide it from my wife. She knows but doesn't like it......During the warmer months I can only wear it when I know she is going to be out for a while whichnis not too often. I do get away twice a year by myself and from the time I enter the hotel room I am DONNA, until I have to go to a meeting or go home. I wish she would understand.......
Oh, and by the way I fill a 44B very nicely.....

You are lucky to be able to switch from a 40C birdseed & back to normal again. I've got a 40C filled with breast which isn't going away.

Mine are also the result of medication, I guess we shall just have to live with them. can't see myself getting to like them, but I shall try.
One thing is certain they are not going to go away

Mine are the result of Avodart a testosterone suppressant to treat benign prostate enlargement and pueria mirifica, a phytoestrogen.

I agree with your approach "go with the flow" I shall adopt the same policy.
One thing that saves my chest from total femininity is my breasts have hair on them !!!!!

I too love wearing a bra, it just feels right!

I told my wife that i desired to wear a bra, and she was all for it, except that if I wanted to she would help me grow breast to fill it out. WOW! That was an answer that I never expected. I now wear a 38B bra all the time, and of cource the panties she has insisted on me wearing. I can not pass as a female, so dress as a male when we go out, however she likes my fem side to show a little by wearing shirts that give a hint of my bra. She really likes it when I show cleaverage with my shirt unbottoned a little. I have never been as happy as I am now that I have breast. Of cource the estrogen has made me feel very feminine, plus other changes to my body.

Lucky you. I'd love to have real breasts. I am grateful that my wife likes me being effeminate as so many men have to keep all their desires to themselves.

Thaqt's wonderful and yes, like you, when I told my wife that I envied her and other women wishing I had breasts, not only was she supportive but encouraging, talking to our doctor about it and getting information. Once I started HRT I've never looked back, love the changes those female hormones have made to my body and total being ... and my wife does as well.

I'm not sure how my wife would feel about me starting HRT. Since I had a prostate cancer op a few years ago, my testosterone levels have gone down and my male parts have become a lot smaller. I already feel less argumentative and mannish than I used to so that is a plus as far as my wife is concerned. I'd love to have boobs and for my male organ to shrink away to nothing.

Well with HRT those female hormones will shrink a prostate to were it is almost non-existent ... they did with mine. Yes I love having boobs, but I have also gained a bit more in the hips and more padding in my butt. For me starting HRT was like a second puberty but this time I got it right.

I am one of those who has to keep my feelings to my self about my desires to enjoy female clothing and wearing them. I am so jealous of you.:)

I'd love to have boobs like yours, trtamn. I wouldn't be able to stop playing with them.

Hi laBoy,
Is progesterone a breast growth stimulator? I thought it acted as a hormone regulator? I have my doubts any such creams work, if they did the breast implant industry would be out of business.

I think that the implant industry is here to stay. I know you where kidding about that, but all bodies, male and females, will only grow boobs on a body about so big. I was one of those that grew to an A cup and that was it. I wanted a B cup, so I did have implants put in. There will be people like me that will always want just alittle bit more. I am still about 25% male in mind, and now fill a 38B bra competely. Love having them this size!!

Well I look forward to the results of your research with interest, if progesterone does the trick, we start a new industry, Best of luck, M

Hi G.
I am working my way in the opposite direction; I was a 40C &through dieting I have got my breasts down to 40B. It's a strange world isn't it; I'm trying to get rid of them & you are tyring to grow them.
Lets hope we both have luck. M

I am lucky in that dept. She not only helps me shop for my bras, but also we wear the same size panties, so she buys for the two of us. Oh yes, and she did help me and was all for my growing them. When wew first talked sbout it, the next morning she gave me some of her HRT pills to start with if I was still interested like i was the night before. Love that Gal.

Yes, you are so right. A male who is taking estrogen, it would also help to take spiro. One will raise the progerterone, level, and that other will lower the tostesterione. That should more match the female body and grew breast on you, plus other changes to yuor body and mind.

Hi LaBoy,
It's likely one can develop breasts, if one is taking estrogen & a testosterone suppressant such as finasteride, progesterone as a hormone regulator would be the last thing you want, when estrogen dominance is the name of the game??

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