Day 19

It now been 19 days locked in my chastity belt, My doctor physical exam appointment has been moved to now the 31 of May. this will mean that i will have to still be locked up. It will be 46 days when i see my female doctor and be locked up for her. This is going to be something very different, wandering if she has seen anyone with a chastity belt on. I now have stop waking up because of night time erections. It now don't even hurt anymore. love to have help by having Friends encouraging me to keep going if i do make it to May 31 i will take pictures when i get into the doctor exam room. me and my chastity belt. I very much want to go there wearing it. My wife had me put the 2 keys are in the engine department of a friends car that he does not know about. He is a sales men that go to 3 different states. My wife just told me that she talked to his wife and that he is going out of town to Georgia for 3 weeks and then to Tennessee for another 3 weeks so I will be locked up. if he doesn't go any place else this will be 61 days. this will mean that if he goes anywhere else my July skin cancer screening will be with my chastity belt on also. My wife is just enjoying this, we won't have a key for my physical to give the doctor. my email is again susy-slate @

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cb6000s the s stand for short and i have a short penis you should be able to see it on my pictures

I can't wait to hear how it goes at the doctors locked up. What kind of belt are you locked into?